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Wondering whether diamond cut and diamond shape refers to the same thing? That is what generally people think. The fact is that the diamond's shape does not imply its cut. Yes, one does have to cut the gemstone in order to give it a shape but gem specialists indicate the proportions of a diamond, like the width, depth as well as the uniformity of all the facets, when they talk of the cut. The stone's cut also means every characteristic responsible for long-lastingness, brilliance and the other aspects we take into account when considering a diamond.


For a diamond to be breathtaking, a good cut is very important since a stone with exceptional clarity and color may not be as sparkling as diamonds are supposed to do if its individual components do not interplay with light as they are intended to. A proper diamond cut has several qualities. Some of them, which you ought to know, are as follows:


Diamond Proportions or the Width and Depth

The proportions of the diamond that is of the width and depth are very important since they remarkably influence the much-desired brilliance of the stone. The brilliance is actually the result of the reflected white light, which we glimpse when viewing a diamond.

In case of a shallow cut diamond the light, which enters through it, escapes through the bottom of the gemstone and does not reflect back to make it appear brilliant. The lack of light play makes such a shallow cut appear lack-luster due to the absence of light. When we look at a diamond with the ideal cut the light goes through it and jumps back from its top surface making the diamond luminescent. That is why a good cut is desirable for super brilliance. It between these two cuts there are varying degrees of brilliance.

Diamond Polish: This is another characteristic, which is always important for contributing to the cut of a diamond. The gemstone should possess facets with polished and smooth surfaces. This ensures that maximum light goes in through the stone.

Diamond Symmetry: The symmetry of a diamond means the alignment of the stone's facets or the surfaces, which are plain and polished. The diamond facets should be given such a cut so that one gets the best interaction of light. If you ever roll diamonds in your hand in the light then you will find them flashing. This form of effect is known as scintillation. This happens when light that enters the stone keeps reflecting among the facets. Such sparks of fire is reduced when the facets are misaligned and light does not reflect in the manner it should. Such diamonds with misaligned facets are given grades like poor or fair for their symmetry.

Certain problems are associated with diamond cuts. One problem is that of a chipped or broken culet. A culet may be missing or have an off-center.  A too thick girdle leads to bad proportions and a thin one makes it more probe to damage. Extra or misaligned facets are another problem. A fringed girdle that has small cracks or a table sloping to a side are other problems.

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