Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year.

Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year.

Ideally speaking, there is no perfect time to propose. It is on you to pick a time and make it the perfect moment for her. So whether you decide to propose her on Valentine’s day or any other day, the perfect time is not ready-made, you have to make it perfect. Of course, it is an added perk if the perfect moment is made on a special day as Valentine’s when the whole world is celebrating and showering love. According to a recent statistics, about 10% of all the engagements in the United States take place on Valentine’s day.

Asking her hand in marriage is one of the most important decisions a man will make in his life. Hence, the moment should be executed in the most special way so that it becomes a story worth telling. Every woman is different. If she is hinting at or awaiting a Valentine’s day proposal go for it! After all it is her day and all you need to do is double the romantic quotient on the most romantic day of the year. The stage is all yours, the romantic ambience is already created, the love oxygen is at its peak and all you need to do is sweep her off her feet. During Valentine’s day many events are hosted here and there. You can take advantage of those events and see if you can use their stage to plan a surprise proposal for her. Yes, you have to be certain that it will be a ‘yes’ from her!

You will be spared from the elaborate preparations because in this age almost every restaurant, hotels, jewelers, florists, spas has come up with romantic Valentine’s day packages. The staff will only be too glad to extend their helping hands and to see to it that your day is made special. With the day already geared towards romance, it is very likely that she will react more smoothly. Who know’s she may have even planned her reaction to some extent. The anxiety of proposing and being proposed to is much less for both people.

What’s more? Remembering your engagement day will be much easier. In fact, Valentine’s day will serve as a constant reminder about your engagement day every year. You will have double reason to celebrate your Valentine’s day every year, as it will be a celebration of just not your engagement but also your love. 


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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