If there is one cut that will forever conquer the diamond industry, it is the princess cut diamond. A relatively new cut, having come to the scene in 1960’s the princess cut diamond is on the threshold to replace the popularity enjoyed by the round brilliant cut. The face profile is either square or rectangular whereas the side profile resembles an inverted pyramid. The beauty of the princess cut lies in the vintage aura it reflects. They are hence a favorite amongst brides who wishes to go for something traditional yet with a modern twist.

Princess cut as the very name connotes has a majestic appeal which is the very first thing one is drawn to. Ever since its inception, it has continued to grow in popularity and it is all due to its sheer elegance and unique features. The striking feature of the princess cut is its four corners which put forth a certain edginess, making it apt for those who likes to stand out. The sharp, uncut edges give the diamond cut a more geometric look. Though the earlier princess cut diamond had 58 facets, the modern princess cut has 76 facets. A princess cut diamond ring has the power to take you back to the royal eras, to the times of the kings and queens.

Women are smitten with the princess cut diamond more so because it gives out a sparkle as brilliant as the round cut diamond and through a diamond cut that is so much different from the round cut diamond. The princess cut diamond will always be hailed as a diamond fit for a queen. Such is the beauty that it promises to radiate. The key to selecting the most stunning princess cut diamond lies in looking for a certified ideal cut. Princess cut diamonds go well with a wide variety of settings and when coupled with a vintage setting, the royal effect is further enhanced.  

What is more endearing is the fact that the princess cut diamond is much more affordable than the round brilliant cut. This comes as an added benefit to those who wishes to go for the brilliance of the round brilliant cut, but without burning a hole in their pocket. It has all the features to make it a diamond that befits a queen. It has the much needed charm, elegance and gloriousness that is apt for a queen’s stature. So if you wish to flaunt the royalness of the glorious past, a princess cut diamond ring is what you should be going for. 


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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