Diamond Wedding Band Set Dallas

Searching for the perfect wedding ring or engagement ring can be a daunting task.  When a customer in the Dallas area that comes in our office, we ask them a few questions to help guide them in the right direction.  Below are these important questions.

Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring Set

Think about if you want a single engagement ring or do you want the engagement ring and a wedding band.  There are many types of wedding band sets out there, so check out some websites, jewelry stores or feel free to take a look at our ring gallery at www.motekdiamonds.com

Color and Metal Choice

The difference in wedding band band color is due to a blending of metals to make the desired color.  The most popular wedding ring color is currently white gold.  It's important that you choose the color you that you LOVE.  If you love yellow gold, then buy yellow gold. (yellow gold is becoming more popular again)


A previous post goes into depth about different diamond shapes so I won't go as deep this time, but take a look at this picture to get some ideas.  No shape is right or wrong, it's what you like.  90% of the diamonds in the world are round diamonds so it's a natural choice for most people.



Posted by Roy Izakov.
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