Change is a constant phenomenon in the fashion world. With the emergence of each new trend, there emerges a bevy of fashionistas and celebrities sporting the new look. Now that the engagement season is at its peak the look for the new and the hottest ring trends has also risen. Apart from embracing the latest trends, an engagement ring should symbolize your love and commitment and capture your personalities. Though the particular trend may rise and fall in popularity year by year, the inherent meaning or symbolism should continue to shine.

A ring trend that has created a lot of buzz of late is the two stone rings. Each ring style has an underlying concept and it is that concept which enhances the very profile of the ring. The two stone ring as the name itself implies, is a ring featuring two gemstones in a fashionable setting. The two stones represent the two people in a relationship. While one stone represents the love they share, the other stone represents the friendship they share.

The underlying concept of the two stone ring makes it an ideal option not only for engagement rings but also for other special occasions. There are many different and beautiful settings to cradle the two stones and give it that ‘wow’ factor. You can swirl each end of the ring and make the diamond setting appear above and below instead of in the center. The ring will coil around the finger, giving it a contemporary look with a stylish twist. Another striking option is to opt for two halo set gems and make it appear to orbit around each other.

You can tread the unconventional path by opting for two different gemstones like diamond and ruby, or diamond and sapphire. The two stones need not necessarily be of round shape. You can also combine two stones of princess cut, heart shape or even oval cut. Keeping the main concept intact you can custom design the ring according to your choice of two stones and settings. The two stone ring has all it takes to get you emotionally connectedto it at the very first meeting.

It complies with the saying of Felix Adler: “Love is the expansion of two natures in such fashion that each include the other, each is enriched by the other.”


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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