Who doesn’t like traveling? And whether it is for a business venture or for a vacation who doesn’t like dressing up? More often than not, we are greatly inclined towards what we will wear during our trip than how we will spend our days there. When it comes to dressing up, jewelry is one of the most essential ingredients to complete one’s look. It goes without saying, that you should not at any cost leave your jewelry behind at home just because they are susceptible to damage while travelling. There are many ways which you can adopt to make your jewelry’s journey to your destination a smooth one.

Your jewelry is part of you, so leaving it behind may not be an option. Whether you’re a jet-setter or weekend road-tripper, here are some helpful safety tips: 

  • Choose wisely. Pack light and take only the jewelry you’ll wear while traveling and at your destination. The 4-carat diamond ring you save for special occasions? Probably not. The pearls that go with everything? Definitely.
  • Make a list. List all the jewelry you’ll take with you. Make two copies. Take one copy with you and store it separately from your jewelry. Leave the other copy at home. Also helpful: take pictures or a video of your jewelry.
  • Carry it on. Never put jewelry in checked baggage. Instead, wear it or stow it in your carry on bag. If you wear it, take extra care by slipping a pendant inside a sweater or turning your ring so only the band shows.
  • Keep it with you. Put your jewelry in a favorite bag you’ll carry while traveling. Don’t leave your jewelry in an unattended car or suitcase. When checking into your hotel or condo, don’t hand your jewelry bag to hotel staff. Carry it personally.
  • Use the safe. Always store jewelry in the hotel safe when not wearing it.
  • Insure it.  insure your personal jewelry against loss, damage, theft and mysterious disappearance wherever your travels take you, worldwide. So get the right insurance. Then relax, be yourself and have fun.

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Posted by Roy Izakov.
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