When it comes to diamonds, the world has given us quite a few marvels. Most sought-after by wealthy aficionados, these expensive diamonds have fascinated admirers all over the world over ages.

10. The Millennium Star: Owned by De Beers, the Millennium Star at 203.04 carats is the second largest acknowledged top-color, externally and internally flawless, pear shaped diamond in the world. It was discovered in 1990 in the Democratic Country of Congo.

9. The Red Cross: Mined from one of the Kimberly mines in South Africa in the year 1901, the Red Cross is cushion shaped canary yellow diamond weighing 205.07 carats. The vivid and flamboyant color of the stone makes it more luminous compared to a translucent one.

8. The De Beers: Found in South Africa’s De Beers Mine in 1888, the De Beers is a light yellow faceted diamond weighing at 234.65 carats.

7. The Jubilee: The Jubilee diamond, initially known as the Reitz Diamond, is a cushion shaped translucent diamond weighing at 245.35 carats. Discovered in South Africa in 1895, it is the sixth largest diamond in the world.

6. The Centenary: Again, a De Beers find, the 273.85 carats Centenary diamond is an internally and externally flawless, grade – D i.e. the highest grade of colorless diamond. It was discovered in 1986 in the company’s Premier Mine in South Africa.

5. The Spirit of de Grisogono: Found in Central African Republic and at 312.24 carats, the Spirit of de Grisogono is the largest cut black diamond in the world. Crafted by renowned Swiss jeweler de Grisogono, this black diamond was shaped employing the enthralling Mogul cut technique. A rare specimen of naturally black diamond, it is currently owned by a private collector. 

4. The Cullinan II: Cullinan II or the Second Star of Africa is fourth largest polished diamond in the world weighing at 317.14 carats. Along with its bigger counterpart the Cullinan I, it was cut from the famous massive gem-quality Cullinan Diamond in Pretoria, South Africa in 1905.

3. The Incomparable: With an enormous weight of 407.48 carats, the magnificent yellow diamond - Incomparable was found around 1980 in Democratic Republic of Congo.

2. The Cullinan I: Also known as the Great Star of Africa, the Cullinan I weighing at 530.20 carats is a pear shaped diamond is the second largest polished white diamond in the world. Discovered at the

1. The Golden Jubilee: The world’s largest cut and faceted diamond, The Golden Jubilee was discovered in the Premier Mine of South Africa in 1985. Weighing at 545.67 carats, the Golden Jubilee is the world’s finest brown diamond.

 Top 10 biggest diamonds in the world. Credit:  Mads Phikamphon.

Top 10 biggest diamonds in the world. Credit: Mads Phikamphon.


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