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Life is a chronicle of episodes, big and small, happy and sad. While few episodes take place unexpectedly there are some which lies in our hands to make it big. No episode in our life can perhaps be as memorable and precious as our wedding episode. The perfection of the whole episode completely relies on us. It depends on our attention to detail, on our preparations and on our pace and time. Needless to say, wedding demands the completion of a long list of ‘to-do’ and often in our haste we forget the more important things to do or keep procrastinating it. 
After you have selected the wedding gown of your dreams, don’t forget to buy the accessories and jewelries to go with it. They are often one of the last things brides tend to pick, because they feel they can be easily available. While it is true that they can be easily availed, yet a lot of time goes into selecting the perfect one, not to forget the time needed if they are to be customized as per your preferences. Only the perfect jewelry can augment the look of your dress and make you feel elegant all day long. Above all, this episode of your life deserves to be executed with much precision and elaboration. In order to make your task easier, we have compiled below a few tips to help you choose the perfect jewelry for your wedding. 
•    The Budget: Budget is one of the major factors when it comes to shopping for your wedding. However, thanks to budget friendly jewelry stores, we can now get stunningly beautiful jewelry at an affordable price. All you need is time in hand to conduct your search so that you can get beautiful jewelry pieces which you will cherish throughout your life. 
•    The Gown Color: Your jewelry should be selected based on the color of your wedding gown. Most wedding gowns are white, though there are some brides who love to add color. Even whites appear in different shades. If you have opted for a pure white dress you need to look for jewelries with cooler tones like platinum or silver or something in pearl accents. If warm white gown like ivory or cream, is what you have chosen to wear, you need to go for jewelries of warmer tones like gold or rose gold. Jewelry in yellow gold, silver, pearls or rose gold looks amazing with the diamond white gown. 
•    The Neckline: In addition to the color of your gown, you also need to consider the neckline of your gown.  The perfect pairing will enhance the look and deliver a unique feature. If your wedding gown has halter, asymmetric, narrow V-neck, illusion, high neck, thick traps, Queen Anne neckline, make sure you do not choose any large statement necklace. Instead, opt for a pair of gorgeous statement earrings. If your wedding gown has wide necklines like boat neck, deep v-neck, wide neck statement necklaces will compliment well. Strapless wedding gowns can be styled with any type of jewelries be it simple or heavily embellished. 
•    Your Hairdo: If your hair is tied in a fashionable bun, and if the neckline of your gown compliments, you can wear statement earrings either stud earrings or drop and necklace. However, if you are wearing a statement necklace don’t choose earrings which will over-power the look of your necklace. If you are planning to keep your hair down and cover your ears, you  can balance the look with a statement necklace and stud earrings. However, if you do not wish to wear a necklace you can go for long earrings and allow it to glitter through your tresses. 
•    Remember, Less is More: Always swear by the fact that ‘less is more’. You do not need to deck yourself up from head to toe in order to look gorgeous. Sometimes even an embellished gown is enough to make you look beautiful. If your dress comes with an ornate neckline, complete the look with a pair of drop earrings instead of a necklace. If your wedding gown is simple you can augment the look with heavily embellished necklaces and earrings.


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