Nothing is stagnant in the fashion industry. The current trends give way to a newer trend, whereas the old trends re-enter the scene anew.  However, there are some trends which will perhaps forever dominate the scene. One such trend is the two stone rings. They are not only one of the most unusual designs for an engagement ring, but also holds great symbolic significance. The two stone ring has already had a grand entry and has taken the fashion world by storm. It’s time you know more about this beauty and the immense value it holds.

Symbolic Significance of Two Stone Rings:

As an engagement ring, the two stones can be made to represent many things. While it symbolizes love and friendship, a two stone diamond ring can also represent endurance of the relationship between husband and wife. Two stones can also symbolize “us”- the very bond of a couple who sees themselves as both friends and lovers. It is also meant to represent the two partners in a committed relationship. It is basically a ring to celebrate love and friendship and to emphasize the dual nature of your bond.

The Different Types of Two Stone Settings:

The two stone ring can be mounted on a wide variety of settings. Your personal choice plays a great role here. Some of the ways in which you can set your two stones are:

Heart Shaped Two Stones: What can better reflect a matter of the heart than two heart shaped stones set in an overlapping setting or in a swirl ring that coils around the finger? These designs have it all. An appealing look and stones which profoundly enhance the significance of the two stone rings.

Floral Shaped Two Stone: An endearing option is to opt for a swirl setting where multiple stones merged together to render the look of a blooming flower. In a swirl setting each end of the ring is made to swirl around the diamond setting, where the two stones lie one above the other rather than together.

The Halo Setting: You can opt for a setting that features two halo-set gems that seems to orbit around each other. Your choice of gems in a halo setting will give the ring a dazzling look.

Double Bezel Bypass Ring: Instead of the halo setting, you can even go for two bezel set diamonds in a smooth bypassing shank glistening with sparkling diamond accents.

Small and Large Gemstone: Instead of opting for two gemstones of same carat or size, you can enhance the look of your ring by opting for one large and one small gemstone and have it set in a smooth bypass setting.

The Curve or the Wavy Setting: In this type of setting, there are two waves of metal that gently come up to hug two gemstones in the center. You can customize the look by adopting a two-tone metal combination for that dramatic effect.

The two stone ring is a great way to express your love. This is a style where innovation meets classic designs. They are versatile and can be worn in many ways. The symbolism of love and friendship which this ring portrays will always stand as a strong representation of the relationship you share with your partner. 


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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