Customized Rings are very much in vogue and thanks to the advancement of technology, getting that ‘dream ring’ is now a matter of few steps. Whether you want a wedding band, engagement ring, anniversary ring or a ring to gift your mom on her special day, you have the option to play with your imagination and create a unique ring that not only reflects your love and commitment but also brings alive your ‘life’s story’. 

Motek Diamonds by IDC has carved out a niche for itself in the world of custom design rings. What sets them apart is their undying effort to make their customers happy and satisfied. The professionals at Motek Diamonds take utmost care to delve deep into your idea and imagination to create a piece in exactly the way you had envisioned. 

Their process involves the use of all the latest technologies that ensures you get more value for your money. Motek Diamonds create a Computer Aided Design as per the idea imagined by you. A 3D development software, the Computer Aided Design is used to create a precise graphical representation of the design. The process is not only new and affordable but also helps to deliver your product faster.

The Steps involved in creating a Custom Design Ring at Motek Diamonds:

STEP 1: Designs begin with an idea. All you need to do is make a simple sketch of the design you have in mind or take the image of a design you have seen somewhere. You also have the option to blend two or more designs or modify an existing design to bring in a certain enhancement. In case you are not really sure of what design you want you can visit the Motek Diamonds gallery or seek the help of professionals at the design studio 

STEP 2: Fill up the contact form online and upload your design; Motek Diamonds will get back to you within a short span of time. You can also schedule an appointment at Motek Diamonds' design studio via phone. Once here the professionals will guide you through the process, help you choose an ideal loose diamond from the bevy of options available and also examine your custom design idea. Age old stones that were passed down to you by family members can also be incorporated in the design of your choice. Your design and your idea are scrutinized by them from all angles to create a piece that is unmatched. 

STEP 3: After the design and the concept of your ring are finalized, the professionals will develop a 3D model with the help of Computer Aided Design. This will then be send to you for your approval. You still have the scope to modify or recreate any part of the design if you want. The professionals at Motek Diamonds are patient enough to wait till your imagined design shapes up to your heart’s content. 

STEP 4: Your approval on the CAD model will be awaited and once you have approved, a 3D wax model will be produced which will then be used to craft your design by the goldsmith and diamond setter. A gold cast is created from the wax mold and your choice of metal is dispensed. This process is referred to as “lost wax casting.”

STEP 5: Your piece will then go through a stage of polishing and inspecting, eventually bringing the whole process to an end. Your custom design ring will then be ready for you. The whole process takes 3-4 weeks and in any case you need to resize the ring, you can always go back to them without a second thought. 

Wax Custom Ring Design Motek Diamons Dallas

Affordability: A question that often arises is whether the custom design ring is affordable or not. No doubt, they tend to be more exorbitant than the collection that is displayed at the store because a customized ring entails more labor hours and are manually and independently crafted from your given design. However, you can definitely stick to your budget and without even compromising on the quality. At Motek Diamonds your budget will be taken into consideration and they will take utmost care to create the ring of your dream within the said budget. In short, you do not have to break your bank to be the possessor of a custom design ring. 


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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