There are many different cushion cuts available in the market; make sure you choose the right one. 

There are many different cushion cuts available in the market; make sure you choose the right one. 

After the round brilliant cut and the princess cut, it is the cushion cut diamond that is the most sought after. This diamond cut was immensely popular in the 19th century, though it disappeared from the scene thereafter only to come back with a bang. Today, it is widely treasured for its enchanting look and more and more women can be seen favoring it over other diamond cuts. So if you are also thinking of going for a cushion cut diamond, a few facts should be adhered to.

The cushion cut diamonds come in few types which are divided as per the ‘arrangement’ of facet patterns and also as per the ‘look’ of the facet patterns. According to the former, cushion cuts are divided into Antique, Brilliant and Modified Brilliant and according to the latter, it is divided into “crushed-ice” and “chunky” cushion brilliant.


Antique Cushion Cut Diamond:Also termed as vintage, these cushion cut diamonds have fewer facets which are however longer than their modern counterparts. Since they were made at a time when technology was not so advanced, they typically have less brilliant than the modern cut cushions. The antique cushion cuts are deep and have smaller face size. They do not possess the charm and the enchanting appeal that usually comes in a modern cushion cut.

The ‘cushion brilliant’ or the ‘cushion modified brilliant’ are largely a categorization of the modern cushion cut.

Cushion Brilliant:The cushion brilliant have a faceting arrangements which are very similar to the round brilliant cut diamonds. The facets which are in the pavilion of a cushion brilliant widen from the center of the diamond towards the girdle, mirroring a star. They feature large facets and share much similarity with the round cut diamonds. They do not possess the ‘crushed ice’ look.

Cushion Modified Brilliants: They are basically a variation on the original cushion brilliant shape. They come with an extra row of facets which lie just below the girdle, but the facets on the pavilion do not extend till the girdle, thus resembling the shape of a flower. They are blessed with exceptional sparkle that brings to mind the ‘sparkling water’ or the ‘crushed ice’ effect. They are also less expensive than the traditional cushion brilliant cut diamonds because there isn’t a large demand for this particular cut.


Crushed-Ice Diamonds: The facet patterns cannot be clearly discerned when viewed from the top. You will get to see what looks like broken glass pieces. They are blessed with a lot of sparkle which seems to reflect from all angles when the stone is exposed to the light. The radiant cut looks similar to this and one can also find such an effect in the corners of marquise shapes and pear shapes.

Chunky Cushions: The facet patterns can be clearly discerned when viewed from the top as they have a clearly defined facet pattern. One can actually distinguish the shapes created by the facet lines. They share much similarity with the round diamonds and are often referred to as the antique cushion cuts. Usually with depth above 70%.

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