Origin of the Diamond 4Cs

Over the next several weeks we will be diving headfirst in the 4 Cs of diamonds.  With diamonds being one of the best known and valued gemstones they have been used in decorative items and as a status symbol of wealth since the early times.  It's important to know that less than 100 years ago, there was no industry standard to judge the characteristics of a diamond.  Because diamonds are such a highly traded commodity, in the mid 1900's organizations began to classify diamonds on 4 unique qualities because like snowflakes, no two diamonds are exactly alike.

4Cs of Diamond Quality

This meant two very important things: the characteristics and quality of a diamond could be communicated globally and perhaps most importantly diamond customers could now know EXACTLY what they are about to purchase.

The 4 Cs of diamonds has led to the modern era of independent grading through diamond laboratories such as GIA, IGI, HRD and EGL offering an unbiased certification of the diamond.

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Posted by Roy Izakov.
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