Courtesy of GIA.

Courtesy of GIA.

In the world of gemstone, perhaps the most spectacular one is the sapphire. It is rightfully the most coveted gemstones of all times. September born are lucky to be associated with such a beauty. Its popularity has continued since the Middle Ages and it has since then been driven by numerous folklore and legends. The exquisite blue color of the gemstone ranges from very light to deep greenish or violetish blue and even appear in hues of pure blue. The most loved colors of sapphires are medium to medium dark blue or light violetish blue.

Sapphire belongs to the family of corundum and hence appears in mostly all the colors of the rainbow. Just like ruby, Sapphire is formed from the mineral corundum, and though the red corundum is referred to as ruby, the other gemstones from the corundum variety are called sapphires. They come in such color range as pink, green, purple, orange, yellow corundum and the like. However, when one hears the word ‘sapphire’ it immediately brings in an image of a stunning blue gemstone. The word sapphire in Greek means ‘blue’ and since time immemorial it has always been associated with the ultimate blue stone.

Australia is the largest supplier of Sapphire. The Sapphires of Australia are dark and inky in appearance. India, Kashmir is another well known source of the blue stone. Montana, United States is also a major source of Sapphire and other places includes Sri Lanka, Russia, China, Brazil etc. They have for centuries been associated with royalty. There are many famous sapphire jewelry in the world which have been treasured for their beauty and size. One such sapphire is The Queen Marie of Romania Sapphire which is over 478 carats. Then there is The Star of India Sapphire, which is 563 carat. The flawless 432 carat, The Logan Sapphire is another gorgeous sapphire in the world.

Sapphire protects the wearer from harm and envy. The gemstone is basically regarded as a blessing from heaven and represents the purity of the soul. Back in the olden days, warriors used to gift their young wives with sapphire necklaces so that they remain loyal to them. And it was believed that the sapphire would turn darker if someone becomes disloyal or unworthy. They are also believed to protect people against snakes. Back in the 13th century French, Sapphires were known to transform a stupid person into a wiser one and an irritated person into a good natured one.

Sapphire is also endowed with numerous healing properties. It is known to lower fever and inflammation, solve hearing problems, cure cancer and burns. They are known to treat nose bleeding, ulcers, rheumatism. The wearer’s mental clarity and focus is improved and the circulatory and endocrine system is also balanced. They minimize the effects associated with nervous disorder and also protects the wearer from evil and negative energies.

The unparalleled beauty and elegance of sapphire makes it an apt choice for all sorts of jewelry designs. The beauty of the stone is augmented whether set as a solitaire or accented with other stones. Sapphire looks great with platinum, rose gold, white gold and even yellow gold. If you are a September born, get your valuable companion who will protect you throughout.

September Birthstone Poem:

A maiden born when autumn leaves
Are rustling in September's breeze, 
A Sapphire on her brow should bind; 
To bring her joy and peace of mind.


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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