Oval diamonds were originally created by Lazare Kaplan in the 1960's. Oval diamonds are very similar to round diamonds, but are more elongated. They have similar characteristics such as similar fire and brilliance as all round cuts do.

Oval diamonds are ideal for anyone who is looking for a classic round diamond but wants a special twist to it. The elongated shape creates an illusion that makes the diamond appear larger than it really is, while also making the finger look slimmer.  

Ideally, the optimal length to width ratio of an oval diamond is 1.35-1.50, but there is nothing wrong with picking an oval diamond with a ratio that falls outside those parameters. For example, when picking a ring to accommodate the diamond, a slightly thinner oval diamond would appear better with a setting that has side stones.

Most oval diamond have something called a bow-tie (a black, bow-tie shaped, mark that is caused by light leakage resulting from misalignment of facets). Some are more visible, some are less. The bowtie effect is not displayed in the diamond's certificate or dimensions. This is why the only way to really see it is by visually inspecting the diamond. Motek Diamonds strongly believes that every diamond purchase should be made by visual inspection, regardless of the certificate specification as they could be misleading or not show certain inclusions, such as the bow-tie effect.

Our 1.00ct and up oval diamonds inventory:

Oval Diamond 1.00ct D-SI1 Certified EX,EX $3250

Oval Diamond 1.00ct G-VS1 GIA VG,G $4900

Oval Diamond 1.00ct D-VVS1 EGL VG,VG $4700

Oval Diamond 1.01ct E-VS2 Certified EX,EX $3750

Oval Diamond 1.01ct E-VS2 GIA EX,EX $5100

Oval Diamond 1.06ct F-VS2 GIA VG,G $5000

Oval Diamond 1.06ct F-IF GIA G,G $7000

Oval Diamond 1.09ct G-VVS2 GIA VG,G $5850

Oval Diamond 1.31ct D-VS2 Certified EX,EX $6230

Oval Diamond 1.52ct J-SI1 EGL VG,VG $3200

Oval Diamond 1.57ct -SI1 GIA VG,VG $6400

Oval Diamond 1.63ct D-IF GIA G,G $21800

Oval Diamond 2.01ct G-SI2 EGL VG,VG $8600

Oval Diamond 2.01ct G-SI2 IGI VG,VG $12000

Oval Diamond 3.07ct G-VVS2 EGL VG,VG $39400

Motek Diamonds has the best selection and prices on oval cut diamonds in the entire metroplex. Call us today to schedule an appointment (972) 233-6708.




Posted by Roy Izakov.
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