Topaz is the primary birthstone of the month of November though it is not the only one. Another alternative for the November birthstone comes in the form of Citrine gemstone. They are two ruling birthstones for the month of November and each of them are endowed with their own unique characteristic features. Let us take a look at what the two have to offer to all the November born:


 Courtesy of GIA.

Courtesy of GIA.

 As a gemstone Topaz is known for its amazing display of spectacular colors. It was believed to be a representative of the Egyptian Sun God Ra because of its stunning and intense golden hues. According to various legends, Topaz had the power to bring heat under control and the power to cool hot boiling water. The stone was the favorite of the Clergy and Royalty. The Romans believed that Topaz represented their Sun God and Jupiter.

The term Topaz is believed to have come from the Greek word ‘topazios’ or ‘topazion’. Another theory opines that it came from the Sanskrit word ‘Tapas’ which refers to the intense dedication. Yet another theory states that the word Topaz has been derived from the Hebrew word ‘Tapooz’ which stands for Orange fruit.

Topaz, a silicate mineral is a composition of fluorine and aluminium. They are hard, but not as hard as the diamond. Topaz comes in such color variety as orange, yellow, purple, pink and blue. However, the purest topaz is colorless. The gemstone is rare and hence expensive. The most expensive variety is the red topaz. Today, topaz is sourced from places like Mexico, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Japan, Pakistan, Australia, Zimbabwe and Brazil with Brazil being the largest supplier of topaz.

Like all other gemstones, Topaz too is blessed with some great healing properties. They are known to treat blood disorders, tuberculosis, gout, insomnia, etc. They ensure clarity of thought, improve one’s creativity, helps in tissue repair and regeneration. They are known to provide relaxation to the mind of the wearer. Above all they are are also known to control excessive anger and cure fever too.


 Courtesy of GIA.

Courtesy of GIA.

Citrine is a lot different from topaz and is mostly associated with the gentle traits of men. They are also termed as the ‘Healing Quartz’ in many places. Citrine is of a golden hue, though the color may range from light yellow to deep orange shade. The term citrine has its origin in the French word ‘Citrin’ which implies lemon. Citrine is often confused with topaz and unfortunately many a times it is also sold as topaz. The finest quality citrine has a pure yellow color.

The citrine gemstone is hailed as ‘The Success Stone’ because it was widely believed to bring good luck, fortune and success to the wearer. The belief that it ensures success in business still holds true. Citrine is largely mined from Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. They are also mined from places like France, Hungary, Russia, Bolivia, United States etc.

Citrine’s healing powers are similar to topaz. They are also known to improve mental clarity, strengthen the memory of the wearer, and heals disorders associated with the kidneys, liver, heart and urine. They are associated with such values as youth, good health, hope, cheerfulness and fidelity.

Both topaz and citrine can be made to feature on any jewelry design as they are ideal for all types of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, pendants, brooches etc.


November Birthstone Poem:

Who first comes to this world below
In dreary November's fog and snow, 
Should prize the topaz amber hue, 
Emblem of friends and lovers true.



Posted by Roy Izakov.
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