Ah! That time of year is here when the world celebrates the season in festive and spectacular holiday light and every fashionista tries to outshine her peers among an imposing crowd of trend-sensitive beauties. On a glorious New Year’s Eve, it is only easy to blend into the crowd which pretty often turns out to be impersonating and repetitive. It takes something special and exceptional to stand out in this ocean of glamour and glitz! Why don’t you think and flaunt diamond jewelry that goes beyond the staple – jewelry that ‘every woman should be wearing’!

Check out these distinctive yet stunning styles that will stand out and make you look phenomenal at the same time!

Making a statement is not that tough when you are decked in a sparkling diamond tennis bracelet. Think a designer tennis bracelet studded with radiant half-bezel set diamonds. This versatile, easy-to-wear, and elegant piece of jewelry complements a wide array of dresses. Whether you opt for transparent, single colored or even multiple colored diamonds to accentuate your look, rest assured that it would be nothing short of a spectacle!

Consider a cluster diamond ring where a central solitaire is decorated with a multitude of accent diamonds. Moving away from the regular white metal bases like white gold, platinum, or palladium, you may find an eye-catching camaraderie between your diamonds and the gorgeous yellow or rose gold. A cluster diamond ring in a unique metal base is a perfectly stunning way to showcase your individuality amongst a sea of imitators.

When everybody is aiming for the ultimate glitz – frequently veering into the realms of overdone garish, you can keep your New Year’s style minimalist yet alluring. A double halo round diamond stud earring makes an impression of a bigger design. Even a smaller centre stone cannot suppress the sheer brilliance of the earring!

You can give an exceptional twist to traditional diamond jewelry by introducing one or more colored diamonds or gemstones in the design. Think luminous sapphire or emerald stud earrings with a central stone embellished with small diamonds. These vibrant jewels are distinctive alternative to the predictable transparent diamond earring. A classic pair of unique diamond studs can exquisitely harmonize with your singular style. 

New Year’s Eve is the night of light, frenzy, and festivity. ‘Tis the time to smolder and impress. Seize the hours with striking diamond jewelries and an infallible style!


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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