In order to make ‘the’ special day an extra special, the idea of destination proposal stands unparalleled. A perfect destination proposal requires perfect planning strategies as it not only comprises an elaborate plot, but also an elaborate setting. It is that moment in your life when you wish to be the romantic hero and sweep your heroine off her feet to her dreamland. The question “Will you marry me?” may be of few words, but it carries forth a relationship that is not only precious but lifelong. You will surely want it to be special in every way and if like all other hopeless romantic, you want the moment to be captured in a romantic setting, somewhere exotic, somewhere far from family and friends, a destination proposal is definitely the most ideal choice for you.  

 Where will your proposal be?

Where will your proposal be?

So, you have already selected the engagement ring you wish to propose her with! And now for the destination! Following are some top destinations that are sure gateways to a happy ending:

Gondolas in Venice: Can anything be as romantic as proposing your partner while taking a gondola ride on the quiet, back canals of Venice? She is sure to remember this for the rest of her life. You can take a bottle of red wine and wine glasses and can even request the gondolier to sing a love song.

Eiffel Tower (Paris): Deemed by many as one of the perfect places to propose, a proposal near the Eiffel Tower or from the top of the structure itself will definitely be a pleasant surprise for her. The place has already been credited for bringing many couples together, and hence, it is definitely a great choice for you too.

The London Eye: You can propose to her in one of the most romantic cities in the world; The London Eye. You have several options here as you can avail different proposal packages to plan the perfect proposal amidst the splendor around.

Grand Canyon (Arizona): Book a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, arrange for a table and chairs at the place of your landing and plan a perfect breakfast or lunch. Popping the question in the midst of the Grand Canyon’s grandeur will surely leave her teary eyed.

Beach Dinner in the Maldives: How about proposing her against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset at an isolated spot on a Maldives beach? It will surely make your partner go “wow”!

Central Park (New York): It is in every sense the most romantic park in the world, a place that has already brought many a lovers together. The place has all it takes to make your proposal memorable. You can opt for a romantic horse and carriage ride that will take you to some of the most romantic locations in Central Park and then propose her.

Grotta Palazzese Hotel (Italy): If you wish to go for something unconventional or something unique, this seaside restaurant in Italy will surely be your best bet. However, the hotel is open from May to October, so you have to plan your proposal accordingly.

Victoria Falls (Southern Africa): If you and your partner are adventurous by nature, a proposal at the edge or at the backdrop of the largest waterfall in the world; Victoria Falls in South Africa will turn your adventure into a romantic one. The spectacular waterfall will surely make the moment everlasting. 

Santorini (Greece): The most romantic of the Greek Isles, Santorini is definitely one of the most beautiful destinations for your proposal. The combination of the Aegean Sea and the white and blue buildings form the perfect setting for a romantic and memorable proposal.

Hot Air Balloon above Cape Town: Another incredibly unique proposal destination is on a hot air balloon above Cape Town. Nothing can be as exhilarating as proposing your partner whilst overlooking the beautiful open plains of South Africa.


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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