"Who first beholds the light of day

In spring's sweet, flower month of May

And wears an Emerald all her life

Shall be a loved and a loving wife." (May Birthstone Poem)

With the approach of May comes the spring season, which conjures up an image of greenery all around. It is not so surprising therefore that the green colored gemstone Emerald is considered the birthstone for all those born in the month of May. What’s more, the term emerald is derived from the Greek word ‘smaragdus’ which means Green. 

Emerald was a treasured gemstone for the Irish and the Egyptians and many other ancient groups. The gemstone was offered to the goddess of beauty and love-Venus by the ancient Romans because they were a symbol of the reproductive forces of nature. Its significance lies in the fact that this gemstone was Cleopatra’s favorite. Cleopatra’s emeralds were mined from mines near the Red Sea and Southern Egypt. The mummies of the ancient Egyptians were often buried with an emerald to denote everlasting youth. They were mined in Egypt way back in 330 B.C. and were used to ornate the royal people of Egypt and Babylon. 

Emeralds, belonging to the family of beryl are blessed with great healing properties. They are known to increase the peace of mind of the wearer, improve their reasoning and spiritual power, boost their analytical power and intellectual power and is even known to improve memory. They also aid in regulating the flow of blood in the body and is also known to provide relief to epileptic seizures. They were used to stop bleeding, cure fever and dysentery, aid fertility and even provided a soothing effect to the eyes. Many wore emerald to seek inner wisdom. They were endowed with the power to foretell the future of people and hence was used for this purpose in the Middle Ages. 

Today, emerald is still considered a symbol of rebirth, youth, good fortune and wisdom. They come in a wide variety of green shades that varies from having traces of blue and yellow. The more intense and vivid the color green, the more is its value. Today, emeralds are mined from United States, Brazil, Norwar, Zambia, India, Australia, Pakistan, etc. 

Emeralds are today, mounted on beautifully engraved bracelets, pendants, dangles, necklaces, rings and studs. You can opt for a vintage look to bring back the old world charm through your jewelry because emerald goes great with any vintage setting. Given the vivacity of the color, they look great when set on white gold, yellow gold, gold or platinum. 



Posted by Roy Izakov.
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