Purchasing a diamond may seem easy at first thought, but in reality is no piece of cake. One needs to do a great deal of homework to understand the nitty-gritty of the diamond world. Apart from the various types, features, sizes, designs etc., one needs to acquaint oneself about the difference between a diamond wholesaler and a diamond retailer too.  


It is widely known and accepted that diamonds in wholesale price are significantly less than the retail price. What really is the difference between the two and how does the concept apply to the diamond world?


Wholesale and Retail Transaction:

As per the common definition, a wholesale transaction is a non-taxable purchase of goods in bulk quantities for the eventual resale of those goods. On the other hand a retail sale is a taxable transaction that is made to the end-user or in other words the consumer. The person or people involved in such a transaction are respectively known as wholesaler and retailer. The wholesaler is able to purchase the goods at a lower price because of his direct relationship with the manufacturer which enables him to purchase the goods directly. A retailer on the other hand has to sell the goods at a higher price because of its indirect link to the manufacturer and because of the fact that he needs to take such details into account as the rent of the shop, sales tax, advertising, employees’ salaries etc.


How does the concept apply to the Diamond World?

In the diamond world, however, the concept of wholesale and retail is a tad bit different. No doubt a diamond that is offered at wholesale price enables a consumer to save a considerable amount of money. When it comes to purchasing a diamond everyone would definitely look for the best possible way to save money on the overall cost without jeopardizing on the quality.

After the diamonds are unearth from the diamond mines, they pass through different stages before they enter a diamond store. When you buy wholesale diamonds, it implies that you are buying them before they enter the retail stores or any diamond shops. The elimination of the middlemen that usually comes between you and the diamond gives you the opportunity to save up to 40- 50% off the retail prices. Thus, when you are buying a diamond from a retailer, you will be shelling out more.

Before you take the first step towards buying wholesale diamonds, it is necessary to imbibe yourself of certain facts. When you are buying wholesale diamond from reputed wholesale dealers, the quality is in no way inferior to those sold by famous brands under retail price. This is to say that a Cushion Shape wholesale diamond with grade 5.35 carat G VS1 will be very much similar in quality to any branded diamond belonging to the same certified grade. Though the term wholesale refers to buying goods in bulk, however, this is not really applicable when you purchase diamond at a wholesale price. It is totally up to you whether you wish to buy a one 0.5 carat diamond or three 2 carat diamonds.

How to find a trusted wholesale diamond dealer/company?

Many retailers may claim themselves to be wholesalers, advertising a ‘retail’ diamond price as ‘wholesale’ price when in reality they are not true wholesalers. There are many unethical marketing strategies doing the rounds in the market.  If you have not sufficiently informed yourself there is a risk of you falling prey to such false retailers or wholesalers and be deceived. Following are some of the ways in which you can find a trusted wholesale diamond dealer/company:

1)   The wholesale diamonds like all other diamonds should come equipped with a genuine diamond certification. The GIA certification is considered to be the most authentic as it is one of the most respected diamond grading labs, but there are other respectable diamond certificates that offer the same quality diamonds.


2)   The dealer or the company dealing with wholesale diamonds should also be certified.

3)   You must also make sure that the dealer of the wholesale diamonds is capable enough to offer you authentic information on their products and services.

4)   Make sure that the company has a proven track record.


Why Motek Diamonds by IDC is a Trusted Wholesale Diamond dealer?

In business since 1973, Motek Diamonds is a wholesale diamond dealer based in Dallas, Texas. They are an authentic source from which many retail jewelry stores get their diamonds supplied. Motek Diamonds has direct contact with high profile diamond sources who deliver the highest quality diamonds at wholesale prices which are then passed on to you without the interference of any middlemen. Most of their diamonds are GIA, EGL certified. GIA and EGL are two of the leading laboratories in the world.  

Apart from this, the professionals at Motek Diamonds are well versed in the diamonds they deal with. They have a huge collection of diamonds in all the available shapes, colors, designs, sizes etc. You can buy loose diamond from them and custom design a jewelry piece with the help of their professionals at the diamond jewelry studio. They assure nothing but the best experience one can possibly imagine and you are sure to go back to them for your next diamond purchase. 


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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