Courtesy of Gemological Institute of America.

Courtesy of Gemological Institute of America.

A gemstone that turns heads for its sheer redness and distinctiveness is none other than ruby. July born are lucky to be associated with such a beauty. Red spontaneously comes to our mind when we think of love, passion, vivacity and power. In this captivating world where there are innumerable gemstones, the ruby is the king, and will perhaps continue to remain the undisputed ruler for years to come. Ruby is blessed with everything a precious stone demands; be it the color, hardness, brilliance and rarity. They come from the red variety of the mineral Corundum, which is regarded as the second hardest natural mineral on earth.

Red is the color of love and this makes ruby the perfect gemstone to express your love to someone born in the month of July. The color is the most important characteristic of this gemstone and they are available in a range of shades that vary from purplish and bluish red to orange-red. The most valuable, rich, hot, brightest, and passionate color is the Burmese Ruby. They are the most sought-after rubies and may even have traces of pink or blue.

According to an old folklore, ruby represents the sun because of the deep red color and the fire it emanates. The word ruby comes from the Latin word “ruber” which implies “red”. According to another legend, the Emperor of China Kublai Khan had once offered a whole city in exchange for a ruby. The Orient believed that ruby is endowed with the spark of life and is “a deep drop of the heart’s blood of Mother Earth.” The ancient Asian considered ruby a “glowing stone” or “lamp stone.” It was also said to have been used by the Emperor of China to lighten up his chamber.

Ruby is born with many healing properties which are known to be beneficial to the wearer in a great many ways. They are known to stimulate and regulate the flow of blood in the body, decrease menstrual pain, helps in the detoxification of the body, lymph nodes and blood and keeps a check on the weight. They are also known to benefit the reproductive organs and is known to provide much help during pregnancy. Rubies are worn today, to stir the senses and to ensure good health, wealth, wisdom and success in love life.

Interestingly ruby also has a significant place in science. The first lasers were said to have been made from artificial ruby crystals. They are still said to be used for this particular purpose.

Ruby when mounted on beautifully engraved dangles, necklaces, rings, bracelets, studs, etc. imparts a beauty that stands unparalleled. The deep red color of the ruby can ornate any setting and gives the jewelry a stunning look. You can unhesitatingly shell out any amount for a ruby jewelry because given the precious nature of the stone, every penny will be worth it. 

July Birthstone Poem:

"The gleaming Ruby should adorn, 
All those who in July are born, 
For thus they'll be exempt and free, 
From lover's doubts and anxiety."



Posted by Roy Izakov.
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