“By her who is this month was born

No gem save garnets shall be worn

They will ensure her constancy

True friendship and fidelity” --- Gregorian birthstone poem

Garnet is the traditional as well as the modern gemstone for the month of January. If you are a January born you would surely love to know more about the association. Gemstones have always played a big part in various legends and myths. And their association with each month of the year is an intriguing phenomenon. Let us take a look at what Garnet has to offer to all the people born in January.

Garnet’s association with January can be traced back in the ancient Roman, Polish, Italian, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic and old Hindu (Ayurvedic) calendars. One can find reference to the garnet gemstone back to 3100 B.C. in Egypt. During that time the ancient Egyptians used the garnet gemstone as inlays in their jewelry pieces. According to the ancient warriors, garnets brought victory. They were also used as bullets by the Asiatic warriors and were known to inflict a more severe wound than the lead bullets. In the ancient times they have also been a part of many travelers’ journey as they were believed to protect them against accidents. Thousands of years have gone by, yet it is still very much in vogue.

The term Garnet has been derived from the word ‘granatum’, which implies seed. Due to its resemblance with a pomegranate seed the gemstone has thus been named garnet. Available in a rainbow of colors that range from deep red Bohemian Garnet to the dynamic greens of the African Tsavorite and Russian Demantoid.  They are also found in shades of browns and oranges of Hessonite and Spessartite and in shades of purples and subtle pinks of Rhododendron. Garnet is basically the name of a group of minerals. They are available in the form of small pebbles in streams inside the weathered metamorphic and igneous rocks. They are sourced from places like Australia, North and South America, Asia, India and Spain.

As a birthstone for the month of January, garnet stands as a symbol of purity, truth, eternal friendship, and trust. They are said to bless the wearer with strength and protection while also heal them against certain health problems related to the heart, lungs, blood and various infections. The stone was always believed to have possessed great medicinal powers. Back in the medieval era, the stone was used to protect its wearer against wounds, poisons, bad dreams and was even known to cure depression. The red garnets were known to provide relief to those suffering from fever, inflammatory diseases or hemorrhages.

You can make an earring, ring, pendant or even set it on a nice necklace setting and wear your birthstone with much elegance. The deep color of the garnet intensifies the beauty of any jewelry setting and at the same time enrich the look of the wearer. 


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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