What can better accessorize your stunning evening outfit than a pair of intricately designed, sparkling diamond studs? Every woman’s dream, diamond ear studs are a must have in their wardrobe. So if you are thinking what to buy your special someone on her special day, you can never go wrong with a beautiful pair of diamond ear stud from Motek Diamonds by IDC. The mesmerizing collection of diamond ear studs at Motek Diamonds by IDC are designed to make you fall in love at first sight. Plus, they have the best prices in Texas on diamond studs!

Our 4-prong Basket style diamond ear studs exude the truest meaning of craftsmanship with its meticulously created design and style. A spectacular and traditional round diamond is firmly embraced with four prongs in a style that is not only original but also an ultimate classic- the basket style. The traditional basket style has been around for quite some time now and its popularity continues to climb. This timeless classic has become a secret desire of many a woman and if your special someone already doesn’t have one, she will surely be ecstatic at your gift.

Our 3-prong Martini style diamond ear stud is another masterpiece. As the very name reveals, the side profile of the stud resembles a martini glass- a cone-like shape with a narrow bottom. The 3 prongs are made to hold the round diamond which is set low in the frame and thus closer to the earlobe. This highly detailed setting beautifully balances the diamond with the three prong configurations. If you wish to go for something unique, then you will surely like the look of our 3-prong Martini style diamond ear stud.

The creators of Motek Diamonds by IDC, relentlessly work towards bringing perfection in every piece they create. Our aim is to design jewelry that is not just architecturally gorgeous, but also visually appealing from all angles. Visit us today and take a tour of our collection. You will surely not leave empty handed. 


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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