Our graduation day is our life’s biggest milestone. It is an accomplishment that demands a meaningful gift. So when someone special is on the verge of graduating from middle school, high school, college or any other degree program, it’s time to ponder on a gift which he or she will treasure throughout her life. A graduation gift is a reminder of the person’s achievement, of his/her success and acts as a great boost for all their future endeavors. Jewelry gifts like pendant or stud of precious stones and metals are everlasting and will be there to stay to remind them of their life’s success.

One cannot deny the fact that the road to graduation is inflicted with several ups and downs and completing the journey is no smooth ride. Hence, a gift should be selected keeping in mind the need to commemorate this long journey. Moreover, it has to be something that the graduate can include in their wardrobe and thereafter expand the collection on the basis of your gift.

  1. Stud Earrings: This is a gift that you cannot go wrong with and a gift that will last a lifetime. Knowing her gemstone and metal taste will help you channelize your search. Do they prefer something colorful or something of white toned? Colored gemstones are very much in vogue and diamond is always a girl’s best friend. So you have varied options to choose from. You can also personalize the gift with the graduate’s birthstone or can opt for a diamond cluster earrings which carries the same sparkle yet are more feasible. Even the combination of pearl and diamond stud earrings can add a little more weight to your gift.  The beauty of a diamond, sapphire, emerald or any other gemstone earring stud is beyond words and what’s more the graduate can later expand or upgrade her collection by buying a neck piece or a bracelet of the same metal and gemstone.
  2. Diamond Bracelet: The diamond tennis bracelet might be something she has long been secretly dreaming of. No doubt, they are one of a kind piece, timeless and elegant in every sense. They will never go out of fashion and is sure to remain her favorite for years to come. The options under bracelet is incredibly vast owing to the availability of numerous gemstones and metal choices. You can opt for a combination of diamond and sapphire gemstones set alternately in a platinum metal setting. Or you can even combine emerald and diamond gemstones in a gold metal setting. The wearer can later buy complimentary pieces and make a set.
  3. Diamond Pendant Necklace: Another jewelry piece you can never go wrong with is a necklace or a pendant. Diamond necklace or pendant is universally endearing, sophisticated and trendy. But there are several other gemstones that are embedded with symbolism. Jadeite for example, symbolizes prosperity, good luck and success. Opal symbolizes luck and is also considered the most magical of all the gems. Sapphire symbolizes truth, sincerity, faithfulness and nobility. If necklace or a pendant is on your mind, you can definitely opt for something that stands as an illustration of their life’s journey.
  4. Fashion Ring: The stackable rings with gemstones are also an amazing option when it comes to graduate gift ideas. Moonstone symbolizes good luck hence, a stacking gold ring with moonstone will surely brighten up her day. They are feasible and can be teamed up with any outfit.

Be it a stud, a necklace, pendant, ring or a bracelet, a classic piece is always a perfect graduation gift because they can not only be worn in various future events but will stand as a strong reminder of the moment they had first received it. 


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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