Earth, Moon and Stars, an 18K custom handmade necklace made by world-renowned jewelry designer Tiana is for sale, exclusively at Motek Diamonds by IDC. This piece was 1991 DeBeers “Diamonds Today” winner!

The center of the necklace features a hand polished azurite stone (earth), 25 baguette diamonds totaling 5.39ctw (moon), and a 2.51ct trillion diamond (star). The choker has an additional 13 trillion diamonds in bezel setting totaling 5.39.


Below is an article written by Beverley Parkhurst about Tiana and the aforementioned necklace “Earth, Moon and Stars”. This article was written in 1991 after Tiana and her masterpiece were selected as the winners out of 400 entries in the De Beers “Diamonds Today” international jewelry design contest:


Yugoslavian native and Dallas resident, Tiana is one of only two Texas winners in the 1991 Diamond Today ‘Beyond Nature’ diamond-jewelry design-contest sponsored by the international supplier of raw materials for all diamond production, the de Beers Co.

Her winning design, aptly named ‘Earth, Moon and Stars,’ is a stunning necklace sculptured from 18k gold that features 5.39 carats of baguette diamonds forming a crescent moon topped by a 2.51 carat triangular diamond star above an azurite ball representing the earth.

Does this mean that diamonds are the jewels that Tiana loves best?

“Not necessarily,” she replies. “I’m finding more and more enjoyment in working with colored stones. They’re fascinating, beautiful and often not only make dramatic piece of jewelry, but can be a fantastic investment as well!”

Tiana design gained her worldwide attention and name recognition. Her award-winning piece was chosen from among 400 entries. Her design was judged on-the-basis-of creativity, innovative use of materials, wearability and adherence to the theme celebrating the ecological spirit of the 90s.

Where did it all begin? According to Tiana, there was a time when the idea of her becoming an internationally known jewelry designer was not even a remote possibility.

“My family didn’t see art as a practical career,” Tiana adds, “and because of this I majored in chemistry while attending college in Jerusalem. I got fairly good grades, graduated and went to work as a biochemist. I can only say one thing about being unhappy with your career. Time sure goes slowly when you’re doing something you don’t enjoy!”

While still living in Israel, Tiana took a graphic course that in her words opened up a whole new world. She married an American, had two children, and moved to Spain. It was during this time that she decided to get into a field that applied to the arts.

“I loved sculpting,” Tiana stated. “I also loved working with the materials used in fine jewelry and the chemistry background gave me an understanding of these materials. I decided jewelry design would be a very practical and gratifying field.”

With these thoughts in mind, Tiana located the renowned Spanish jewelry designer Amador Braojos. Persuading the award-winning jeweler to take her as an apprentice was not easy.

“Amador was very reluctant to take a woman into his field,” Tiana laughs. “Especially one who couldn’t speak Spanish! He told me later that in his mind he felt I would not last longer than a week. The first thing he did was give me a job he thought I would hate. The job involved turning heavy, large wheel that flattened gold into sheets. It was exhausting and tedious, but I loved it! What he did not realize was that I was delighted just to be there!”

Tiana won Amador’s respect and served an apprenticeship under this talented artist.

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For more information about Tiana, the world-renowned jewelry designer, please visit her website:

Motek Diamonds Dallas Vintage Designer Necklace Earth, Moon and Stars
Motek Diamonds Dallas Vintage Designer Necklace Earth, Moon and Stars
Earth, Moon and Stars Motek Diamonds Selling World-Renowned Jewelry Designer Necklace


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