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Engagement Ring trends 2014

Brides-to-be should be excited when they plan an engagement this year because the newest are “show-stopping” to say the least. Trending in 2014 is the engagement ring with the fancy cut center diamond; this can be a princess cut, cushion or emerald cut.  The cushion-cut diamond is the one to consider as it seems to be the most popular.  Coming in second are round diamonds for the brides of 2014.  Round diamond engagement rings and round diamond wedding rings are the safest option while still being breath taking. The ring styles are also expected to differ – from vintage, to halo or solitaire style and similar.

The second trend are petite diamond engagement rings – a trend that features solitaire diamonds with petite diamond accents for a remarkable look. The result is a solitaire diamond that is highlighted by the smaller ones alongside, and since you can choose the size of the solitaire you also get a grip on the total price of the ring.

The third trend is one that I believe to be a local trend in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  This trend is for buyers to be more price conscious than ever before.  It appears that brides and grooms are going to more stores and making more of an educated decision before making their purchase.  Diamond prices may vary slightly from store to store, but most people buy from reputable stores that they trust.  Motek Diamonds is Dallas's premier jewelry store offering the best priced diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, and wholesale loose diamonds.


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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