An engagement ring celebrates the beginning of a relationship. However, they are no longer merely a ring that stands as a symbol of love and commitments, but are also meant to ensue an aesthetic appeal to the wearer. Perhaps this is the reason why a lot of thought goes into purchasing one. Today, zillions of stunning designs have emerged and it has definitely become an overwhelming task to choose one. But a saving grace here is if your would- be prefers something totally out of the box, then you can straight head to the edgy engagement rings category.

While sometimes they are a combination of quirky shapes, colors and modern twist at other times they are a combination of Victorian themes, Art Deco themes or any other themes of the past eras. They are basically of the creative types with a fresh attitude and this makes the wearer stand out from the crowd. They are for those people who do not want a diamond as the center stone or do not wish to go for the usual types. Edgy engagement rings are full of surprises and magical touches, but they have a charm with which you can easily identify with and make a unique style statement.

Let us take a look at some of the options under edgy Engagement Rings:

  • The Covet: The ring features a rough natural octahedron shaped diamond on a typical platinum (or any other metal choice) metal setting. They make for a dramatic and unconventional combination, but with a classic touch that is sure to evoke much whispering in any social gathering.

  •  The Rough Diamond: It is totally an off the beaten path design, where a rough diamond is mounted on a metal of gold (or any other metal) and a curved prong across, holds the diamond in place. Unusual, innovative, traditional and with a mystical charm, this ring is for those who loves to explore the unexplored.

  • Hazeline Solitaire: A classic blend of the traditional and the unconventional, this edgy ring features a black Rutilated quartz, black diamond accents set in a six prong gold setting.


  • Drop of Tear Ring: As the word ‘tear’ implies, the physical appearance of the ring resembles the shape of a tear-drop. This is a ring for the brave hearted, someone who is not scared to try their hands on the most extraordinary piece. It comprises of two pieces of metal that make up the setting of the ring.

  • Black Princess Cut Ring: This can be rightfully termed as the black beauty. A combination of black gold and black princess cut diamond gives this ring a truly incredible look. Beautifully engraved designs on the band adds to the glamor of the ring. An ideal choice for someone who adores black and who loves to tread the untrodden fashion path.


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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