Though Turquoise is the traditional gemstone for the month of December, you have the option to choose from two others; Zircon and Tanzanite. A look at the three types of gemstones will tell you that Blue is a December color. So let us take a look at what the three December gemstones have to offer to all those born in the month of December.


 Courtesy of GIA.

Courtesy of GIA.

Coming from the French phrase “Pierre tourques” which implies Turkish stone, Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones that we know of. The blue hue varies from greenish blue to sky blue shades. They have a transparency that ranges from translucent to opaque. The finest quality of Turquoise is sourced from Iran, though this stone can also be found in places like China, Tibet, Mexico, Australia, and Egypt. The primary producers of Turquoise are the American Southwest states; Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

 The Egyptian Pharaohs used to adorn their necks in jewelries made from Turquoise. It was also used to adorn the ceremonial dress of the early Native Americans. In Russia, the gemstone is hugely popular as wedding rings. In Iran, Turquoise is considered the national gemstone and was used to adorn the daggers, thrones, cups, bowls and other objects.

Turquoise is associated with many superstitious beliefs. They were believed to protect the wearer from falling off a horse. According to a 12th century Arabian writing “The Turquoise shines when the air is pure and becomes pale when it is dim.” Turquoise is believed to change its color when the infidelity of a wife is revealed, or when the weather changes or when someone fell ill. It is said to have a healing effect on the eye and was worn to bring good luck, success and good fortune.


Coming from the Arabic words, ‘zar’ and ‘gun’ which means gold and color respectively, Zircon brings to mind the image of a bright blue sky.  Though the most popular and widely sought after color is the vibrant blue and the vivid Caribbean Sea colors, it is also available in beautiful shades of green, yellow, dark red, brown and orange. The most valuable and rare Zircon is the red gemstone. They are largely found in the Chanthaburi area of Thailand, near the Cambodian border and the Palin area of Cambodia. Bangkok and Sri Lanka are also well known sources of Zircon.

The reddish brown and orange-red varieties of Zircon were the favorites of the ancient Arabs. They are also found mentioned in the very popular book, ‘Arabian Nights’. The Green Zircon were a part of the ‘Kalpa Tree’ that belonged to the Hindu religion and it was a representative of the tree’s foliage. Back in the 14th century, Zircon was largely used to safeguard against the Black Death, the plague that caused the death of one quarter of the European population.

The stone is blessed with many healing properties. It was known to induce sleep and was, therefore, largely prescribed to the insomniacs. It was also used as an antidote against poison, to aid in digestion, and to fight against the evils.  Zircon had the power to reduce pain, protect travelers from injury and various types of diseases and to prevent nightmares.


 Courtesy of GIA.

Courtesy of GIA.

The rich violet-blue color gemstone was discovered in the year 1967. It is one of a kind gemstone, that is found only in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and striking shades of blue. When Tanzanite comes in small sizes, the color is of a light tone and may also possess a lavender color. When they come in larger sizes, the color is a deep, rich and pretty blue.

The popularity of Tanzanite prompted the American Gem Trade Association to declare it as the official birthstone for the month of December. According to legends, the stone was discovered by the Masai cattle herds, post a fire that burned several areas in Tanzania. Due to the fact that it is a relatively new gemstone, it has very little folklore or healing properties associated with it. Nevertheless, today it is considered a very important gemstone and a great substitute to the more expensive sapphire gemstone.

The three types of December gemstones can be fashioned in any type of jewelries. The stunning color, of the gemstones makes them an ideal choice to be mounted on any style of pendants, ear studs, necklaces, bracelets, dangles etc.


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