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The word "cut" has two meanings in diamonds.  The first and most obvious meaning is used to describe the shape of a diamond.  The second way "diamond cut" is used is to describe the reflective qualities of a diamond.  The reflective quality (how well a diamond "sparkles" or reflects the light going into the diamond) is determined by how well the diamond was cut.  However it is a misnomer that the more cuts (facets) of a diamond mean that a diamond will reflect light more.

A round brilliant cut diamond has 57 or 58 facets and is generally regarded as the optimal number of facets to create the most reflective diamonds possible.  When a diamond is cut 58 times is creates hundreds of measurable angles which reflects the craftmanship of the diamond contributes to the reflective qualities of a diamond.


The overall brightness and light returned to a viewer’s eye is what is called the brilliance of a diamond and is then graded.

Diamond Cut and Diamond Price

Skilled craftsmanship, precision, patience. These are required to make brilliant, symmetrical, well cut diamonds.  If you look at a Rembrandt or Picasso painting you will see a one of a kind word of art that is precious and valuable.  Take a 3 year old's finger painting and it's probably not as valuable (unless it's your own kid).  How well the painter uses his paint to make delicate and deliberate strokes craft a masterpiece.  The same is true of the craftsmanship of diamond cutting.  The more precise and "perfectly" cut a diamond is is reflected in the beauty of the diamond and also the price.

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