A lot of planning goes into making the perfect “Will you marry me?” moment. Apart from the need to hop from one jewelry store to another for that dream ring, one also needs to ponder on the ideal location and time to propose. Christmas is a time which brings in a lot of cheer with family and friends coming together for special gatherings. There is merriment all around and beautiful decorations at every turn of the road. If you are still thinking of a special day to propose your love, make her present Christmas a double celebration and a memory of a lifetime with the four golden words; “Will you marry me?”

They say Christmas is the most beautiful and wonderful time of the year to propose. According to a new research Christmas is not just the most romantic time, but it is also the most popular time to get engaged. The reasons are many. It is that happy time of the year when every nook and corner is decorated for the festivity and hence, your proposal stage and backdrop is already ready-made. You do not need to spend a fortune on any decorations or setting. The whole world becomes your stage and is at your disposal.

During Christmas, many innovative ideas can be implemented. You have the Christmas tree where you can create your own Christmas ornament and put your engagement ring in it. Let it be a surprise gift for her. You could even dress up as Santa Claus and approach her with a bag full of gifts. Keep the engagement ring as the last gift, and when she finishes opening all the gifts, go on bended knee and propose her. It will be best if your identity is not disclosed till the end. You can also implement the idea of a treasure hunt by placing all types of clues around the house. Let each clue lead to another and finally the ring.

Apart from the many innovative ways which you can think of executing to make her day the most memorable, the Christmas season is also a great time to get the ring of her dreams without burning a hole in your pocket. With the many deals and discount offer around you, you are sure to find the ring she has been dreaming about and at a cost that is most comfortable and affordable for you. There can be no better season to get the best of the best things together to make her day.


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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