Let us help you surprise her!

Let us help you surprise her!

Life is a race and we are constantly struggling to keep pace with our so called targets. But since time immemorial we have always made sure that the special moments of our life are sealed in the most special way, even if the planning requires quite a bit of time and effort. So you have made up your mind to propose to yourpartner! But still confused when and how to pop the question?  With the holiday season just round the corner, why not take advantage of the infectious spirit of the season and get down on one knee? Christmas is a time of celebration and nothing can best double that celebration than a sparkling diamond engagement ring and a well planned proposal.

You might have been confronted with the question of whether Christmas is actually a great time to propose! Well, it definitely is! Following are some reasons that will help prepare your mind for a Christmas proposal this year:

  • It is by default the most popular time of the year to propose. Yes, it tops the list under the best day of the year to propose with 32% of the vote in its favor.
  • Christmas is a gorgeous time of the year where the whole world becomes your stage, a stage that is well decorated and lit. You do not have to worry about elaborate decorations. You can simply hide your engagement ring with the other gifts, under the Christmas tree. A soft romantic music and scented candles are all you need to perk up the moment.
  • If you both wish to make your respective families a part of your proposal than Christmas is definitely the right time for you. You can take advantage of a dinner get together and even prepare your friends and family members with a proposal song or to display a huge proposal banner. Friends and family members can definitely play a big part in planning your proposal and even be a part of it. This will also surely decrease your tension and nervousness and make the otherwise tensed moment a cheerful occasion.
  • Above all, Christmas is a romantic time to propose and get engaged. Making use of the lively ambience will make your proposal memorable. Christmas will always be a time of double celebration throughout your life and what’s more, you do not have to memorize an extra day in the already long list of birthdays and anniversaries.

So, get your mind working and find out some of the unique ways to propose to her on this Christmas. Make her Christmas the most special Christmas of her life!


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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