If you thought, choosing your wedding band is a painstakingly elaborate process, think again! This ring-buying guide comes handy in every step of the way as you pick the ideal wedding band you will love and cherish for the years to come.

1.       Decide and Focus on Your Choices

Narrowing down your preferences – the metal, any specific gemstone, whether you want to match it with the engagement ring, something minimalist, extravagant, or unique – and framing these questions in advance will help you zero in on the precise choices even before you begin shopping.

Consider Buying the Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Together

If you prefer to think long term and want your wedding band and engagement ring to complement each other, buying both of them together is a plausible idea (and would probably save you some money as well).

2.       Set A Budget

Setting up a budget for the wedding bands is helpful. The cost depends on various aspects – the retailer, or wholesaler (when you pick Motek Diamonds by IDC), the metal used – a 14-karat gold band is far less expensive compared to a basic platinum band, and additional embellishments – from diamonds, other precious gemstones to machine or hand engraving. Factoring in the common aspects of pricier personalization will help you in keeping the escalating costs in check.

3.       Take Time To Try and Find the Right Sizing

While you may love the idea of a diamond eternity band, your inspiration might take a turn for something even better as you try on different rings at the store. So, don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity to discover newer and prettier rings by simply sticking to one idea. Sizing your wedding band right for the perfect fit is crucial as you will wear it through the years.    

4.       Think Long Term

Thinking long term involves not randomly investing in a ring that just looks ‘trendy’ or ‘pricey’. Making sure that you opt for a style that you’ll want to wear for the long haul through all the corporate meeting and social functions, a ring that’s not extraordinarily high-maintenance and can be kept sparklingly clean without much hassle – considering these small things will save you a lot of energy in future.

5.       Check and Focus on Quality

This applies to every piece of precious jewelry you buy, not just your wedding band. The ring must have two essential marks inside the ring: the manufacturer’s trademark (if applicable) and the quality mark. For a detailed explanation on the different marks and different metals, please read our Precious Metals Guide

With these tips handy, it’s time for fun! Try on the rings and start your search early.


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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