Oval and Pear Diamonds engagement ring - Made by Motek Diamonds by IDC

The look, style and designs of diamond rings have come a long way from the times when they were not so eye-catchy, elegantly embellished and varied. Today, we are spoilt for choice! The journey of the diamond ring is inundated with various interesting stories. What we see them as today, was not what it was a few decades ago. Previously the choice in diamond ring was limited as they were designed to maximize the diamond’s brilliance. Today, the sparkle is not the only factor that is considered rather, women look for a ring that is an amalgamation of sparkle, decent carat, beautiful design, their favorite cut and metal. Thanks to the option of customizing a ring, we can now own the ring of our choice and dream.

Today, the choice of diamond ring wavers between the single stone and the multi-stone. The multi-stone diamond ring have eventually gone on to become a craze amongst women. This option opens the door for bringing together beautiful diamond cuts in one frame and giving an overall gorgeous effect. Whether you wish to go for the two stone diamond ring, the three stone diamond ring or a multi-stone diamond ring, the combination can be done as per your choice of diamond cuts. However, let us take a look at some of the beautiful options which you can think of:

·       The combination of the emerald cut diamond in the center and two trillion cut diamonds on either side makes a dazzling combination. The band can be of platinum, yellow gold, rose gold or white gold.

·       A round cut diamond in the center with stunning baguette and princess cut diamonds on the sides is another gorgeous combination.

·       You can bring together an oval cut diamond and trillion cut diamonds with the oval cut as the center stone and the trillion cut embracing it from both sides. One can even consider opting for pear shaped side stones instead of the trillion cut.

·       The combination of princess cut diamond in the center and trillion cut diamonds will also make a stunning piece.

·       Yet another stunning combination is the round cut diamond in the center and pear shaped diamonds on the sides.

·       The combination of two round stones in a swirl setting with pave band is an endearing option.

Above are some of the beautiful combinations that have already won the hearts of many women. You can definitely come up with a combination of your choice and implement it the way you want. A diamond ring is about the beautiful effect and sparkle it radiates and it is on you to decide how you wish to execute that effect and sparkle. 


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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