When it comes to versatility and exquisiteness in jewelry, diamonds win hands down. The universal appeal of this radiant gemstone speaks volumes about its collective popularity as an ideal accessory for all occasions. Diamond bands are effortlessly chic and classically beautiful. With a diamond band, rest assured about making a head-turning statement.


The Many Faces of Diamond Bands

There is no dearth of variety and vibrancy in the world of diamond rings. A diamond band can contain one or more diamonds set on a band made of regular precious metals like gold – yellow, white, Rose; silver, platinum, or other metals. There are different styles of diamond ring settings – prong, channel, bezel, pavé, shared prong, halo, cluster, flush or gypsy, tension, bar, and more. The familiar favorites include prong solitaire – singular central diamond held up with prongs, bezel – metal encircled centre stone, pavé – a band paved with small diamonds, halo – placement of concentric diamond square or circle around the center stone.


Diamond Bands in Countless Avatars

Think diamond bands, think versatility of designs. Engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary rings, and eternity rings – the choices are astonishingly beautiful and amazingly endless.

Stackable diamond ring with triple or more tiers in classy pave set is a distinctive piece of fashion forward jewelry. A classic diamond band designed with pave diamonds unites the worlds of elegance and simplicity. You can wear it with your shimmering diamond engagement ring or simply stack it on as a stylishly sleek piece.

If you want to go beyond the available choices of regular diamond bands, custom making a diamond ring is an excellent idea to put your imagination and creativity at work. Elongated crescent links on gold or silver with cropped diamonds on top or any geometric pattern will create an unforgettable diamond ring perfect for every occasion and ideal for garnering envy and admiration.  Whether worn stacked or solo and with classic ensembles, matchless haute couture, or corporate power dress, sparkly diamond bands disappoints neither the wearer nor the outfit.

Discover the world of diamonds with innumerable designer and handcrafted artisanal collections that add immediate sophistication and allure to your style. An exquisitely crafted diamond band looks stunning from all possible angles as it complements and flatters while expressing your unique sense of style.


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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