Opal is the traditional gemstone for the month of October. However, October is associated with another gemstone and it goes by the name Tourmaline. Both the gemstones have their own characteristic traits that give them their sublime beauty and elegance. They fall under the list of some of the most radiant gems in the world. Opal and Tourmaline are known to exhibit an array of beautiful colors and it is for the unique color combinations and crystal structures that these two gemstones are considered prized possession by all the October born.


 Courtesy of GIA.

Courtesy of GIA.

Tourmaline is known to radiate the broadest spectrum of colors and color combinations. The name ‘Tourmaline’ means ‘mixed stone’, and the gemstone stays true to its name. Hot magenta, cranberry red, peach, bubblegum pink, orange, canary yellow, grass and forest green, mint, violet, ocean blue and many more. Tourmaline is known to display several colors in a gemstone. The bi-color or tri-color gems come in many color combinations and are highly sought after gems in the market. The bi-colored stones,  largely found in Brazil are known as ‘Watermelon’.

The gemstone is a recent discovery. The name Tourmaline is believed to have come from the Singhalese (Sri Lankan) word ‘toramalli’ which is a term that indicates yellow,brown or green stones. The term literally means ‘something out of the earth’. An alternative name for this gemstone is ‘Peace Stone’ as it is believed to help the wearer get rid of fear, jealousy, anger, aggressiveness. They are known to keep the wearer calm and composed and provide peace of mind. It is also known to improve creativity and help in the wearer’s progress. In short, they are known to have a more psychological effect on the wearer than any physical effects.

An interesting aspect of the tourmaline gemstone is that when rubbed or warmed the stone attracts tiny bits of paper, lint and ash. This is due to the static electricity. Today, they are sourced from places like Africa, Brazil, California, Maine, the Middle East, Mexico, Peru etc.


The first thing that one should learn about Opal is that it is Australia’s national gemstone. Australia is known to mine about 95% of the world’s opals in black and white. They are the most striking gemstone owing to their “play of colors”. At the slightest movement, the stone flashes a wide spectrum of colors.  The word opal comes from the Sanskrit term ‘upala’ as well as the Latin term ‘opalua’ which means ‘precious stone’.

 Courtesty of GIA.

Courtesty of GIA.

Opal gemstone is known to represent the personalities of an October born who is known to be lovers of peace, harmony and beauty. As per the ancient legend goes, the Opal was believed to be laden with all the combined virtues present in the other precious stones. They were then believed to perk up the happiness of one’s existence.

Opals are found in a large variety of shades and colors. There are innumerable types of opal and they can be classified into white/milk opal, boulder opal, crystal opal, black opal, fire opal, precious opal etc. Opal blesses the wearer with numerous health benefits. They are known to treat some disorder of the eyes, balance the water content in the human body, treats eyesight, regulate the production of insulin in the body, aids in dehydration problems, and even boost the memory.

Because of their wide variety of beautiful colors Opal and Tourmaline can be fashioned on any kind of jewelry settings. The color combination present in these gemstones can exalt the design on any metal type.

October Birthstone Poem:

October's child is born for woe, 
And life's vicissitudes must know, 
But lay an opal on her breast, 
And hope will lull those woes to rest.


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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