Jewelry is an integral part of our culture and since immemorial, it has played a key role in beautifying us. Today, one cannot possibly think of venturing out without wearing jewelry. They complete our looks and give us the much needed confidence in ourselves. However, most of the times we are in a hurry and because we are late, we tend to avoid the usual rummaging into our jewelry boxes to find the matching pieces. There are times when we fail to find the other dangle or stud and forgo the search and there are other times when we fail to find the matching bracelet or necklace and simply wear what is within reach. Why? Because our jewelry is not kept organized and within easy reach.

Let us take a look at 5 tips that will help you organize your jewelry:

  1. Easy Access: If you are someone who needs to wear certain pieces of jewelry on a daily basis, you should surely keep them within your easy reach. The pieces that are worn daily like a wedding band or engagement band, an heirloom ring, a monogram necklace should be kept in a tray right in front of your dressing table. Organizing the jewelry on a tray and keeping that in front of you will prevent the unnecessary daily hassle.
  2. More compartments better: Organizing your other jewelry in multiple velvet interior compartments will not only keep your jewelry scratch free but also easily accessible. You can buy separate compartments, each for your ear dangles, necklaces, bangles, studs, bracelets and arrange them nicely. The more the compartments the better it will be as you can then neatly arrange your jewelry. This will not only prevent the necklaces from getting tangled or knotted, but also save your time in unknotting them.
  3. Keep same type of jewelry together: Buying a jewelry box or container doesn’t mean buying a huge one and dumping all the different types of jewelry like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches into it. Your jewelry box should contain a number of compartments to help you keep the like jewelry together so that when it comes to finding an earring you can see all the options and choose the one that best matches your dress. You should be able to keep all your bangles/bracelets neatly in one compartment, your necklaces in another and your rings in another compartment. So make sure that the jewelry box you buy has the necessary number of compartments and space for your collection.
  4. Go the creative way: Today, visually appealing jewelry boxes and attractive containers are available to keep your jewelry organized and also add to the décor of your home. You can go for colorful ceramic plate for keeping your daily items, or can even opt for small, attractive hangers to hang your necklaces and prevent them from entangling with one another. If you have a huge collection, you can consider buying a jewelry armoire which comprises of many drawers and compartments. This will have the required space and the required number of compartments for your collection and help you organize your bangles, earrings, watches, necklaces in separate containers.
  5. Keep your jewelry secured: Your collection may surely contain some valuable pieces. You need to ensure that they are kept secure in a safe, especially when you are not wearing them or is out of town for an extended period of time.

A well organized jewelry box will not only save your time but will also eliminate the headache of searching for a particular piece. They are a savior especially when you are short of time. So organize your jewelry today by following the above mentioned tips and see how easy your daily life gets. 


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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