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If you love to wear jewelry, you have probably experienced a few scary moments when your ring wouldn't come off.  When twisting and pulling just doesn't work, consider these simple steps to remove that pesky stuck ring.

*A ring that is too tight may cut off circulation and become a medical emergency.  Typically the finger will turn purple or blue indicating that the circulation is compromised.  If this happens, contact your doctor or visit the emergency room.

1. Elevate Your Hand

Hold your hand above your head for 5 minutes.  Holding your hand above your heart (or head preferably) allows your tiny veins in the fingers to drain more easily allowing your finger to not swell as much.

2. Ice Cold Water

Soak your hand in ice cold water for 5 minutes.  Soaking you hand in ice water constricts blood vessels and can help your finger get a little smaller to help the ring off.

3. Oil

Rub oil on the finger.  Any fat/oil based product will reduce friction on the finger and may allow the ring to slide off easier.  Try common things in your house such as cooking oil, butter, hand cream, or even hair conditioner.

4. Remove

Gently twist the ring while slowly pulling it off.

Other Thoughts and Considerations

Rings stuck on fingers account for the majority of finger amputations in the world.  These mostly occur during some of accident or trauma that compresses the ring to the finger permanently damaging the vasculature and it which the only way of removal is by cutting the ring or the finger off.  The good news is that if your reading this article you probably don't need your ring cut off.

Lastly, it's important to always have a ring that fits.  You never want a ring to become so tight that you can't get it off.  Changing the size of a ring is usually simple and not expensive.  So before you take your chainsaw to cut your ring off, let us resize it for you before it gets even tighter!  Motek Diamonds is always here to help you with ALL of your diamond engagement ring and wedding band needs in Dallas.



Posted by Roy Izakov.
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