Knowing the latest trends that have just entered the market can benefit a buyer when it comes to picking an engagement ring for the love of their life. For the novice diamond buyer, the task is overwhelming, but a look into the latest trends can make the task much easier. Engagement ring trends keep coming and going and in order to keep pace with the latest, it is necessary to stay tuned. Your fiance will fall in love with you all the more for the research and the efforts you have taken to understand the latest trends.

The Round Brilliant cut Diamond Ring: The round brilliant cut diamond cut is an evergreen choice that will forever remain the undisputed ruler. It is an iconic choice that can be mounted either in a four prong setting or in a six-prong setting. Its beauty lies in its elegance and in its fire, making it the ultimate choice for all diamond lovers. It is a style that will never go out of fashion.

Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Motek Diamonds by IDC Dallas TX

Mixed Metals: Two different metals when combined create an innovative ring. This combination can be implemented on any ring style of your choice. You can collaborate the mixed metal with either a halo setting, the solitaire setting, the antique setting, the split shank setting or any other popular settings of your choice and give it a classic and unique look.

Split Shanks: A style that has been in existence since a long time and which still enjoys much fame is the split shank setting. This is a style that has immense scope for customization and for adding various other details. This is not just a popular choice for girls, but a dream choice too. The look of the split shank can be accentuated with diamond accents or any other colored gemstones. Colored gemstones will augment the look of the center stone and this is one advantage of the split shank setting.

Stackable Rings: Stackable rings have taken the center stage in 2016. They are the hottest trends and are being flaunted by many celebrities. Instead of making her wear just one ring, stack up her finger with an engagement ring, a wedding band and as the years go by, with anniversary bands. There will be an absolute sparkle from every angle.

Antique Rings: Though the word antique means old, the antique style is till very much in vogue. They are apt for someone looking for something out of the box. This style is a beautiful blend of the traditional and the contemporary charm that renders it a timeless beauty. It is an impressive way to convey the message: “Our love will last against the passing years.”

Antique Diamond Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Set Motek Diamonds by IDC Dallas TX

Floral Motifs: Another endearing way to express your love is to opt for a floral-themed ring. This style captures the essence of a flower in different patterns and renders a timeless tradition. You can combine geometric and modern flavor to give it a unique and delicate beauty or can even opt for an engraved floral motif on the band.

Floral Diamond Engagement Ring Motek Diamonds by IDC Dallas TX

Colored Center Stones: Though diamond remains the most favored choice when it comes to choosing an engagement ring, colored gemstones have recently surged in popularity. The combination of pave diamonds on the band or around a center colored gemstone makes for a stunning beauty that is sure to attract all the passers- by. You can opt for various other combinations or can even customize a ring with your choice of colored gemstones and diamond accents. 

Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond GIA Motek Diamonds by IDC Dallas TX


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