Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring and appreciating one’s mother.  The month of May is just around the corner. What better way to show appreciation than purchasing a diamond for such a significant soul. Here at Motek Diamonds, we look to provide a mix and match promotion to make Mother’s Day a day to remember. There is an assortment of various tokens of appreciation that can be purchased for Mother’s Day. These include Earrings, Necklaces, Rings and Bracelets.

·      Diamond earrings will be customized to the style of your choosing. They’re customized based on your diamond selections including a specific backing to your diamond earrings if you so chose.

·      With a large assortment of about 100 styles of diamond necklaces to choose from, we provide many diamond pendants, and also have various assortments of diamond necklaces. Here, we take pride in helping you create the design you desire.

·      Customized diamond rings are also provided for Proposals and for Anniversaries. We have rings for various other occasions as well and stock over 20,000 customized rings.

·      We offer one of kind bracelet selections with an assortment of hundreds of designs. We look to please our customers by customizing your desired bracelet and we will work to satisfy your needs within your budget. There are various forms of metals to choose from for your jewelry of choice. We provide white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. At Motek Diamonds, we aim to please and we will work with you to make sure we do.

 Diamonds are forever and are a great investment as well as a strong statement for such significant occasions. We are offering 15% off on any purchase over $2,000. Hurry in and don’t miss our special offer so you can give a mother a gift to remember. By purchasing our one of kind jewelry, you will have access to jewelry cleaning, written appraisals, jewelry repair, and jewelry repurposing.  Our diamond specialists make sure you have a clear understanding of the various forms of diamonds and clarity within the four C’s so that you can understand and appreciate your long term investment.  In our customizing process, we use specific computer aided design based on your idea. This will provide a template of your chosen design and also the final design of your liking.


Diamonds are timeless and become treasured family heirlooms as long as the jewelry is well maintained -which we are here to assist with you. Your mother is your mother and a friend so dear, therefore the token of a diamond is well-deserved and will be well-appreciated. A mother is a person that can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else could take. A mother is the greatest gift of all and therefore, has the privilege of obtaining a piece of treasure for a lifetime. Motek Diamonds by IDC will help you bring a happy tear to her beautiful face. 

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Posted by Roy Izakov.
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