Springtime in dallas is a wonderful time for an engagement.  Use our guide to pick the perfect diamond engagement ring for your loved one.

The diamond solitaire Engagement Ring


The round diamond solitaire is the most affordable option when it comes to choosing an engagement ring.  The style is quite elegant and says something with it's simplicity.  Don't let the ring and diamond only scare you away from buying a gorgeous engagement ring.  A solitaire is a good way to get in the game in that you can upgrade the center diamond quite easily.

The Diamond Halo engagement Ring


The diamond halo engagement ring is another cost cutting choice in which you choose a medium sized center diamond and set a 'halo' of smaller diamonds around it which makes the center diamond appear larger.  It's worth noting that the idea of saving costs does not indicate that an engagement ring is less special or valuable by any means.

The Diamond Wedding band set


A diamond wedding band set is an approach for those who desire a matching wedding band.  The diamond wedding band set are designed intentionally for those who desire an engagement ring and a wedding band.  Not all engagement rings go well with a wedding band so even if you choose an engagement ring that come from a wedding band set you are still in good shape.  You can buy the wedding band separately when you are ready.

The Three stone diamond engagement ring

Traditional three stone diamond engagement rings have three stones of the same size as the main part of the engagement ring.  Some designs feature a larger stone with two smaller diamonds beside it.  The choice is yours.  These rings are always pleasing to the eye and make women happy all year long.


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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