Top 4 Diamond Trends 2015

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds Still #1

For over a century, the round brilliant cut loose diamond has reigned supreme and will continue to shine again this year.  Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most versatile loose diamonds and have unmatched sparkle.  The angles and funnel shape of the diamond reflect more pure light up through the ring and diamond creating the most brilliance of any cut on the market.

Princess Cut Diamonds Losing Popularity

Expect to see more brides choosing different loose diamond shapes for their wedding and engagement rings this year.  More celebrities in the Dallas Fort Worth area are transitioning from the hard angles of loose princess diamond.  Additionally, expect to spend more money on princess cut diamonds as their sparkle is reduced by the 90 degree angles.  Colorless grade princess cut diamonds are more rare and depend on a very clear diamond in the raw.

Diamond Upgrades

Anniversaries are the #1 reason for diamond upgrades.  Most common are 10 year anniversaries, 20 year anniversaries, and so on.  And with more money in their pockets, we expect to see 2015 as a fantastic year for diamond upgrades.  At Motek Diamonds by IDC, we specialize in genuine diamond education so every customer is certain of their purchase.

Cushion Cut Diamonds Moving Up

The cushion cut diamond will soon replace the princess cut diamond as the second most popular diamond cut in Dallas.  This is due to the cushion cut halo diamond engagement ring.  The softer corners reflect more light throughout the diamond and a halo of diamonds around a cushion cut diamond is more appealing to the eyes as compared to princess cut diamond.



Posted by Roy Izakov.
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