2015 is here and what a better time to being to look at the engagement ring trends coming our way? While some of these are classic designs, new trends are on the way.

Diamond Halo Rings


Engagement rings that continue to be popular are the halo style.  halo rings bring lots of sparkle to your engagement ring. A group of smaller diamonds surround the main large diamond which makes the center stone appear larger and ultimately more affordable.

Fancy Diamond Shapes


Fancy diamond cuts which include cushion, asscher and emerald, are becoming popular as it gives the engagement ring a vintage feel. Cushion cuts are becoming almost as popular as the round brilliant cut and princess diamonds. Emerald and asscher cut diamonds, have distinctive angled cuts called facets that sparkle more than one would think.  As far as ring style go, the most popular setting for a fancy diamond remains the solitaire setting.


Round Engagement Rings



Not a new trend for 2015, the round diamond solitaire is not disappearing anytime soon. Aside from their timeless design, round diamonds are the most versatile of all the diamond shapes.  The distinct round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular shaped diamond in 2014 for all wedding bands and engagement rings.


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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