engagement proposal 2015

Follow these 7 easy steps for a memorable engagement proposal this year.

  1. Getting engaged doesn't have to be expensive.  Take an evening and write out what you love about your significant other.  Go deep and reminisce about your most memorable events/occasions you share together.  Maybe your first kiss was in a park.  This could be a wonderful place for your proposal.  Use these events to open your mind up to thinking about a special theme or location for your engagement.  

  2. Proposing can be stressful but only to the unprepared.  A little bit of planning will make those engagement flutters go away.  If you are bringing the engagement ring box with you, where are you going to keep it and hide it?  What the weather going to be like when you propose?  What will she do after the engagement?  Answering these questions will put you in control and remove the variables which cause stress.

  3. Surprise her with her family being there and a hidden photographer.  After you pop the big question, you can have family and friends there to celebrate.  Or you you get engaged at a location and then go out to dinner where select friends are waiting.  This way you can have your intimate private engagement and then you can celebrate with the friends.

  4. Have a few drinks before the proposal to take the edge off.  Even with proper planning, you might feel nervous.  Have a few casual drinks and you'll notice a substantial difference.  Take her to your favorite bar and loosen those nerves.

  5. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.  If you've watched the movie, Ocean's Eleven or any heist movie, you'll see them go over the events in fine detail.  Your proposal is a huge event and deserves an ample amount of rehearsal time.

  6. Get your engagement ring early.  Nothing is worse than having a great proposal idea without an engagement ring.  Our business as a wholesale diamond dealer and custom jeweler is to help couples in Dallas Fort Worth area select the perfect diamond and complementary ring setting for your engagement and wedding needs.  Most rings are completed in 10 business days.

  7. Take her watch shopping.  Most big name jewelry stores sell watches.  In order to be sneaky and find out her type of jewelry, especially rings, take her in the store and look for yourself.  She'll never expect you are wanting her input on rings in the store.  As you walk through the store she WILL point to or comment on a ring she likes.  Save it in your brain and bring the design idea to us and we'll handle the rest.


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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