Motek Diamonds: Lovers. Jewels. Caribbean Escape.

It’s the little things that bring the biggest moments…

Many beautiful diamonds can bring you more than joy, but Motek Diamonds is the only company that can bring you a spectacular experience. You can now have an incredibly extraordinary cruise trip with your sweetheart with each diamond purchase! Check out it for yourself (or even better, for your spouse) at Motek Diamonds.

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Let’s talk about the dessert before the savory gravy; by this I mean the sweet surprise of a complimentary honeymoon! Yes, a vacation of your dreams is being fully offered by none other than Motek Diamonds, all of it complementary to a purchase of at least $7500 dollars. The company definitely understands the aura of femininity and therefore, not only produces number one quality diamonds that speak to a woman’s taste, but also heighten the pleasure by giving you this fabulous complementary cruise with every $7500 jewelry purchase!

The offer provides reservations for two people at Bahamas, Jamaica, Dominican Republic or Curacao. Once you choose the prime location for your sexy staycation, be rest assured and pack up for the most exclusive and exciting trip of your lifetime as all-inclusive accommodations including all meals, beverages and non-motorized activities are taken care of by Motek Diamonds.

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Motek Diamonds is everyone’s premier ring destination, be it engagement or wedding – or on any occasion. They started out in 1973 and have since come along as the biggest and most admired diamond wholesalers not only in Dallas, but the entire USA.  They cater to sweethearts in all 50 states at amazingly low prices, and so it is no wonder why it took virtually no time to make Motek Diamonds the extension of every female’s love for sparkling jewels.

The company started an array of state-of-the-art wedding jewelry studded with diamonds, be it rings, sets or bands. Motek Diamonds brings the luxury of highly priced jewels to everyone’s doorstep for an affordable price with a brilliant quality. Their diamonds are crafted in Israel and are independently certified by leading labs in the world. The huge collection of loose diamonds allows the customers to choose their desired diamonds easily, as opposed to a limited row of studded rings that bonds the buyers to select their diamonds under pressure at any retail store.

Motek Diamonds also offers a lifetime upgrade for every purchased diamond. So, if at any time you would like to upgrade your precious stone, they will give you 100% of your original diamond purchase price towards the purchase of any new diamond that they have in stock.  In addition, Motek Diamonds provides the highest value for every diamond purchase with a personal service. They give an added value guarantee and provide ring sizing, appraisal for insurance purposes, maintenance inspections and ring cleaning as part of every ring purchase.

Additionally, the company has the policy of a 30-day exchange for every purchase. Motek Diamonds takes care of your personal indulgence and full satisfaction every time you buy. It’s incredible how they give an abundance of benefits to their esteemed costumers to ensure that they get the best of what they anticipate when choosing Motek Diamonds for their jewel adventure.

Buying diamonds/diamond jewelry has never been so easy with the Motek Diamonds website. You can schedule an appointment online, and visit their massive gallery to choose your diamond type, cut, size and the jewelry (ring, ear studs or necklaces) to go with it. The company provides full control of the diamond color, carat, clarity and cut to its customers so they can approve the product closely before buying it.

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I am personally in awe of the stunning ring collection of Motek Diamonds, which is both modern and classy. The quality ring will definitely add an extra edge to your wedding/engagement, and leave your sweetheart surprised and feeling loved. Their finely crafted diamond jewelry including ear studs, pendants and other fine trinkets come very affordable and high in demand.

If you have a tight budget and plan a wedding, engagement or even a birthday or anniversary gift for the love of your life, set an appointment with Motek Diamonds and check out the secret to making your happy occasion the most memorable. Motek will make the difficult decision of choosing the right gift for your loved one easy, and efficient. Of course, the elite luxury of receiving a vacation filled with indulgence is simply a small incentive to purchase with this world-class jeweler. Choose your favorite diamonds to adorn your sweetheart at Motek Diamonds today, and enjoy the momentous occasions and glory from the exceptional jewels offered by this first-rate merchant.


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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