Colorless Diamonds in Dallas

Simply put, the less color there is in a diamond the more value it has.  There are two reason for this.

#1 Colorless diamonds are quite rare.

#2 The brilliant cut was designed to eliminate the time that light travels through a diamond thus keeping the diamond's colorless qualities.


How Diamonds Are Graded

Diamonds are graded on a scale from D-Z based on how much color is in the diamond.  The letters A, B, and C are reserved just in case diamonds are discovered that are more colorless.  Perhaps it's a twisted joke because diamonds start with D.  Until thirty years ago, a diamond would be examined by experts under microscopes to get the diamond color grade.  Now most diamonds are graded by a machine which increases reliability.


Visible Color Range

To 95% of the population, D-G diamonds are indistinguishable to the naked eye. H-L have some yellow visible but can be made less visible by a good jeweler.  When I mean some yellow, I'm not talking about school bus yellow, I am talking about the ever slight hint that the diamond might not be 100% colorless to the naked eye.  They are still GREAT diamonds which we sell a lot of.


Best Color Range

We are asked daily, "What color should I buy?".  The only true answer is that it entirely depends on what you want to do.  Some people feel a burning in their soul to only buy D color diamonds.  Some want to stretch their budget and get the biggest diamond that doesn't look yellow.  If really pressed, I tell customers about my wife's J color diamond, which she gets compliments all the time.

As you know we  have a huge selection of diamonds and rings here at Motek Diamonds.


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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