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Last week my wife's grandfather passed away.  His wife was now widowed and alone.  She loved him so much by supporting him through a hard life and one of her final tokens of his love is her diamond wedding ring that she still has.  Every time someone near dies, it make me hug my wife and child a little more and cherish my life more and try not take things for granted because it could be all over in the blink of an eye.

Diamond rings, especially wedding rings and engagement rings are timeless.  No matter the cost and design, there is sentimental attachment to jewelry because it's something that is often passed on generation to generation.  The Christmas holidays are nearing and now is the perfect time to buy a piece of diamonds jewelry for your loved one.

It's well known now that Motek Diamonds in Dallas is a leading diamond wholesaler and jewelry store.  Wedding rings and engagement rings are our top sellers but there are more and more customers who call looking for diamond cufflinks, diamond studs, or even diamond necklaces.

Where choosing diamond studs, the most important factor is how big do you want to go.  Take a look at your special woman and snoop in her jewelry box and see if she has any studs and aim for a pair of diamond studs the same size.  We recommend customers actually bringing it in our store so we can measure it exactly.  She likes that pair of earrings for a reason and you are guaranteeing she will love the diamond studs you buy for her at Motek Diamonds in Dallas.

For a lady, a classy man can benefit from diamond cufflinks.  The beauty about diamond cufflinks for men is that they aren't as expensive as they look.  They stand out like thunder and will make you a happy lady.


Posted by Roy Izakov.
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