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Imagine for a moment that you are walking in the middle of the forest and you happen to look down and see small clear glasslike stones at your feet.  They look insignificant so you might just kick them aside and go keep walking; and yet this insignificant-looking thing might easily be a diamond of great value.

Diamonds found in nature are not that impressive.  They aren't always clear and don't sparkle.  It is in polishing that a goodly part of the price of a diamond is acquired; for the art of turning a rough diamond into a glittering brilliant is a long process requiring a superlative degree of skill.

Diamonds are roughly shaped to maximize it's value and must be finished by producing facets which give sparkle to the diamond.  This is known as polishing.

Diamond dust, mixed with olive oil, is used held in contact with an edge of the diamond for several hours to produce one facet.  Diamonds can have 58+ facets and this process can take up to one week.  This slow shaping of the diamond keeps it's shape intact without affecting splintering into smaller pieces.

As you can see diamond polishing has more to do with creating the 58+ sides of a diamond than "wax on - wax off" polishing your car.

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Posted by Roy Izakov.
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