Please contact us for diamond inquiries, as our inventory changes on a weekly basis.

Starting from the diamond mines, diamonds traditionally pass through multiple "hands" before they reach you, the end user, making their prices significantly higher.

Unlike any other business, Motek Diamonds by IDC is unique in every way. Our 43+ years of experience in the diamond industry, along our own offices around the world and a stellar reputation has allowed us to form relationships with the most reputable diamond miners and industry leaders in the world. This allows us to receive unmatched diamond prices. We cut and polish our diamonds exclusively in our factory in Israel (Izakov Diamonds Israel), in order to export them directly to our valued clients at the best prices in the market.

Motek Diamonds by IDC's Diamond Distribution Channel:

Our business runs on the foundation of sound ethics, all our diamonds are traced back to the mines they came from, ensuring we only buy conflict free diamonds. Click to learn more:

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