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Motek Diamonds is a family-owned and operated diamond wholesaler in Dallas since 1973, specializing in engagement rings and custom jewelry. Our mission is to help first time engagement ring buyers, as well as experienced jewelry shoppers, find the perfect diamond jewelry for their need while providing the most value for their budget. Our wholesale diamonds inventory includes a variety of over 1000 diamonds ranging from 0.05ct to 5.00cts in all shapes, including round, cushion, oval, emerald, heart, pear, asscher, marquise, princess, radiant diamonds and more (mainly GIA and EGL). We manufacture and cut our diamonds at our factory in Israel, ensuring you will get the highest diamond quality for the best price possible. Our custom diamond engagement rings start at $1500. 




We work by appointments only, a one-on-one consultation with our diamond expert and jewelry designer, where we will dedicate all the attention to you, stress-free, as it should be. We will teach you what you really need to know when you buy a diamond, while making sure we provide the most pleasant and enjoyable experience. A selection of loose diamonds will be ready for you to choose from. After choosing a diamond, we will diligently work with you on choosing the perfect engagement ring setting. Our master jeweler and designer can take any design or sketch and turn it into reality, making your jewelry a one-of-a-kind piece. Each diamond ring purchase includes ring sizing, jewelry appraisal, lifetime ring cleaning, and a lifetime diamond upgrade guarantee.  




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