Our Engagement Stories

Lyndsay & I hiked up Sugarloaf Mountain in Marquette, Michigan. I beat her up the mountain and picked 1 of the 4 observation decks to pop the question on. I put the ring down and once Lyndsay made it to the top she was immediately drawn to the view of Lake Superior. I went down to one knee and opened the box to get the ring. The ring immediately fell out of the box and fell through the observation deck. I screamed shit and Lyndsay turned around and asked what was wrong. I showed her the empty box and jumped off the backside of the observation deck. Luckily the ring did not bounce because it was nothing but cliff in front of the observation deck. I was able to crawl on my hands and knees and find the ring. Once I got back to Lyndsay, I asked her to marry me and tried to put the ring on her right hand twice. I finally got it right and she said yes.

I took your advice and got the ring insured before the trip. She has been cleaning the ring in the shower like you advised as well.
— Bryan B - Dallas, TX
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