Our Services

At Motek Diamonds by IDC, we care about how your jewelry looks and feels. We want your jewelry to always glow and look brand new, isn't that how it's suppose to be? We certainly think so. That's why we offer the following services:

Diamonds and Jewelry Cleaning

When you buy jewelry, you want to wear it as much as possible, as you should. Unfortunately, going to the gym, cleaning the house, using lotions, and doing other activities may cause your beautiful diamond jewelry to lose it's sparkle or even damage the metal and gemstones over time. That's why we recommend bringing your fine jewelry to Motek Diamonds for cleaning every 6 months. We will make sure your jewelry is restored to it's near original condition and will also make sure the prongs are tightly securing the diamonds. At Motek Diamonds, cleaning is free when you purchase your jewelry from us. We'll even give you diamond cleaning tips so you could clean it easily at your convenience.

Written Appraisal

At Motek Diamonds by IDC we provide a written appraisal that is served mainly for jewelry insurance purposes, as well as assurance to you of your jewelry quality. The written appraisal describes all the characteristics of the piece (weight, grades, measurements, treatments, workmanship, metal and karatage of the mounting, as well as other parameters) and determines a value for the jewelry piece. Our promise to you is that no matter which jewelry you buy from us, we will always appraise it for a higher value than what you paid for it. 

Jewelry Repair

We offer jewelry repairs at Motek Diamonds. Whether you have one of the diamonds fall out of the setting, a broken diamond, or just want to make sure the prongs are secure to avoid losing a stone, we can fix it for you. Our high quality jewelry repair service is fast and inexpensive. We can fix every piece of diamond jewelry, including: diamond rings, diamond earrings, diamond necklaces, and diamond bracelets. 

Jewelry Repurposing

Do you have old jewelry laying around? If there is anything you would like to create using diamonds from your old jewelry, Motek Diamonds by IDC is the ultimate place for you. We will create a new piece of jewelry using diamonds you already own. That way, you could save even more when you repurpose your old jewelry at Motek Diamonds.


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